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    Samantha who plays Ronnie in Eastenders has quit because of this storyline, she said it went too far and the BBC have had 6,000 complaints about it.

    I don’t watch this show anymore, it just got too depressing for me so we stopped looking at it but so many people have been talking about this storyline and today I read the Daily Mail piece about it and it does seem very shocking.

    Here is the article about Samantha quitting, she seemed very distressed about this storyline.

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/ar … yline.html


    Ok, i know its only a soap ,but god I have to say the storyline between Kat and Ronnie is just absolutely heartbreaking.
    I sobbed so much at last nights episode and tonight’s jesus christ i couldnt catch my breathe.
    I know this is only a soap but unfortunately there is parents who go thru the horrific loss of a baby. I just cant even begin to imagine the pain..

    Any woman who has gone thru this I have total respect and god i wish i could unchange events….IF ONLY…



    oh god i seen last nights it was horrible my hubby even told me to turn it off he couldnt look at it. missed tonights episode though, will catch the repeat tomorrow.
    It must be the worst thing in the world, when i look at my two babies i get upset even thinking anything could happen to them 🙁


    I havent watched soaps in about 1.5 years…. i had pnd and was depressed enough, i didnt need to look at the tv and feel like a basket case and in floods of tears after watching a programme…. i want tv to escape and be lighthearted.
    Sorry just cant watch the soaps anymore, i did watch the week of Corrie tram crash, but never watched too see who died 😆 😆 😆 I know Ashley and Molly died, but i think 4 were to die


    pmsl taylor 🙂


    SOAPS u can say is only acting but when story lines as senstive as this aired its different…you know its real and does happen.



    Dont believe anything you see on the news 🙄 😆 😆 😆

    I cant even watch the pampers vaccine adverts anymore or the concern adverts…. 🙄

    Just look at Corrie only a handful of houses and you have affairs, murders, crime, drink problems, business troubles and so on and so on….. thats all on ONE STREET…. enough drama for a small town 😆 😆 😆


    I used to love my soaps……especially Corrie. I was never an Eastenders fan as it was so depressing, but then Corrie got just as depressing to watch.Probably about 2yrs ago I stopped watching them, wasn’t a conscious decision just the storylines got so stupid. I still can’t ‘get’ why you would want to run home to ‘relax’ and watch some of the stuff that soaps have in them….its like they try to cram all the crap bits of life into 30mins. Thanks goodness real life has much more happy moments with a little bita crap thrown in for measure. 🙂

    I remember my Nana was a big Corrie fan all her life, she passed away 12yr ago, but she used to always make sure she was free to watch Corrie and we didnt dare talk during it 😆 But it was a lot ‘softer’ to watch, not so much hard storylines as now.


    EastEnders is the only soap I watch and yes its very depressing.

    I think everyone knows the major storylines well before they are aired and if a viewer thought they may find it particularly sad then they shouldn’t watch it.

    ( Not the same league I know, but I love Jennifer Aniston but refuse to watch Marlay and Me as I know what happens at the end..)

    Eastenders has always has ridiculously ott story lines..I mean there have been thousands over the years..one particular one that springs to mind was Tanya burying Max alive I mean come on 😆 😆 then they got back together 🙄 and never mentioned it again 😆

    It alwaysparticularly tough watching stuff about babies and kids dying 🙁 🙁 especially if the viewer has experienced something similar , i don’t blame the actress for quitting over these story lines I mean she has had to act such emotional story lines over and over again, and it was way ott even for ‘ Enders

    People don’t generally tune into EE for life lessons or advice, it is a drama..I think according to the article the ratings have gone up too over the New Year..


    yeah i kinda agree with happymumble mum, but i can see what all the complaints are about too.. it is obviously something very sensitive for me as i lost my baby at 3 weeks old, however as happymumblemum said the storyline was advertised well in advance so i chose not to watch it… altho i recorded it and watched parts of it!!

    i watch it on and off thru the year but its always so doom n gloom but perhaps a little more thought would have made them realise that anyone who has lost a baby might find christmas and new year a particularly hard time?

    id say samantha womack will need abreak after playing such a tough role anyway…


    Disclaimer – I never watch EE (a good northern lass, would be disrespectful to Corrie to do so), and so obv don’t know the ins and outs of storyline, but having read Daily Mail piece…

    A query – was the audience supposed to believe that Kat wouldn’t know her own baby and thus that he had been swapped? How did that occur? Was she never in visual or any other contact with her own baby? (again, dunno back history as I say)I would pick mine out from a cast of millions from the second they were born? Seems a bit much in terms of suspending disbelief to ask the audience to go along with notion that this mother wouldn’t be the same…

    Another, maybe too picky but…In SIDS, surely some DNA data taken as matter of course? – the mismatch then between dead "son" and parents to be revealed in this case therefore.

    I understand that the character who swapped babies in her raw state may clearly not think of these implications, but surely the writers, producers, directors wouldn’t expect the audience not to? (I know crazy take-the-wrong-baby-home-from-hosp stuff CAN happen and therefore noreason for DNA testing, but surely this wouldn’t be overlooked in a 21st century post-mortem). Perhaps that is where the web unravels in the future. v far-fetched and undermining credibility as a take on reality therefore IMHO…

    All sounds v depressing anyway. Have no time for any soaps and always prefer a good goo at the comedy channel or John Bishop in (or pref out of iykwim!) anything 😀


    I don’t think the audience on EE is supposed to believe anything on this soap to be honest, after all it is just a drama.. I mean they deal with real issues but in a very over the top way…

    And no Kat realised as soon as she saw the dead baby in the hospital that it wasn’t hers but they passed it off as her grief..and the baby looking strange cos it was dead, and Ronnie didn’t want to take "her" baby out and about cos she is worried folk will cop on..but as more and more people have seen the imposter baby and have not copped on then I guess she will get braver and then Kat will see it and go " Thaaaaaaaaaaats my baaaaaaaaaaaaby" then go mental, get arrested blah blah blah.

    Just like real life 😆 😆 😆



    That is even madder than I thought it possibly could be! Keeeerrrrrrrraaaaazzzzzzzzeeeeeeeee Enders writing! But u right, peeps still hooked! Isn’t it amazing what we will suspend our disbelief for!!!

    U must all keep me posted on how it unravels!


    Will do..am sure they will drag it out for ages….with loads of close calls until Kat finally has a goo..

    The acting is very realistic considering the ott storylines.

    Gotta feel for poor Samantha Janus she has acted nothing but misery for years, same as actress playing Stacey who has now left.. but I think its part and parcel of being in East Enders though..they know what they are letting themselves in for joining the show, they know that their characters will not spend 3 years smiling and being happy..I mean who would watch that anyway 😯 ( true though!)
    Both actresses will be back begging for more after "finding themselves" on stage in the West End 😆


    May I add my dd is never in the same room when its on, and my dh refuses to watch any soaps so I watched 8 episodes in a row early one a.m after Xmas when they were still in bed 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    God I felt happy afterwards. 😆 😯


    yeah i remember saying God what else can they throw at poor stacy slater, what a year she had 😯

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