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    Tried this place the other day and really lovely!! It’s not what I expected at all. It is very stylish and spacious and the spare ribs we ordered were huge and great value too. I would definitely recommend trying it. It is a hidden gem up in Bryanstown and is nice for a few drinks too. It’s nicer than many of the places in Dublin city centre…..one up for Drogheda!!


    I have been loads of times… Hard to get a booking… Just love it..


    Have to say, its good news when you need to book somewhere!! Shows things on the up….

    still, its prob so busy because its yummy and good value for money which is important in these times.

    having a night out with friend next week, think we’ll be booking a table there!!



    i was there over christmas and whilst the food was good the service was TERRIBLE…….ot all our orders wrong and then left us waiting nearly an hour for desserts………………..maybe they have improved


    When it first opened (just before Chrtistmas) my husband & I dropped in after coming back from Dublin. I have to say … we enjoyed it SO much and found the decor SO cosmopolitan … I was wondering why we ever bothered going to Dublin!
    Love this place!


    Going there Saturday night, really looking forward to it!


    am hoping to go on 18th -must look up number so i can book

    hope you enjoy Yvonne


    We have gone a few times on a friday evening with the kids. If you can go after 6:30 becuase they serve a loaf of bread per table that is to die for. Food is excellent, service excellent every time we have been there and the prices are really reasonable. The chicken wings are delicious. Next time going without the kids and the car 😀 😀


    hi i wonder can someone either pm me or post the number of this restaurant – i can’t seem to find it

    Thank YOu


    Just had to add my comment on this after going during the week. Decided to book for first time on recommendation of this thread and so glad we did – best meal out I’ve had in years!!!!!

    Don’t get out that often since DS came along (no money for a start!), but with grandparents available to babysit we decided to treat ourselves.

    Atmosphere and decor was really cool and comfortable, menu was just to our taste and food itself was excellent. Really really impressed. Only v slight downside was service wasn’t exactly A*. Bit slow, forgot a few things etc, but all in all they were friendly and sorted things for us so can’t complain really!

    Was a bit nervous choosing this place simply on strength of this thread, was worried DH would be disappointed and as we don’t do it often had quite high expectations for our night out! But it was fab and would HIGHLY recommend it!!!!! Can’t wait to go back to try more of the yummy menu!!!

    Thanks ladies, and you were right about the bread!!!!!!



    They also have a cute barman who claims to be an expert cocktail maker – he is in the Drogheda Ind*pendent this week in the New Arrivals section. I

    ‘m going sat night to test his Cosmo making abilities. Will let ya all know how it goes!!


    Have to agree with all of above this place is great and so affordable !


    What about a girls night out before the babies arrive?


    hey sabbi i’ll be there on sat night too – found the number in drogheda leader and booked for sat – hope dh likes it too!

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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