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    Hello fello mums

    I was looking through my collection of movies and found E.T!
    Would you think it’s appropriate for a 6 and 3 year old to watch. I loved this movie when i was younger!!

    I don’t think my 3 son would sit through it but would E.T be too scary for them. I know silly question but curious.

    Thanks :D


    not really i’d say they’d be ok…perhaps a little slow moving but no harm in trying….must have a goo at ET haven’t seen it in years and years…..


    My ds who is 3 watched ET over the christmas and loved it, he was glued to it from start to finish and asked a million guestions. He did get upset when he thougth ET had died


    Haha i’m pretty sure after it i will get a ton of questions. 😉


    My 5 year old DD loved it 3 year old DS likes it too but was a bit scared in parts.


    Well everything went as expected Graciella my 7 yr old was very intrested in it, loved bits to it, as for my son 3 was scared of E.T poor thing haha.


    I am sure it will be fine.

    I loved that film when I was little, I saw in the cinema 4 times.

    Talking of the old type films and there suitability we sat down at Xmas to watch Gremlins with our 5 year old..whoops!!! My god- had forgot about Gremlins being pushed in to Microwaves and Liquidizers and having knives thrown at them 😳


    Oh PMSL!!! the gremlins hahahahaha i LOVED that film!!!!!


    GREMLINS!!! I was also a gremlin watcher, Gizmo was TOO cute..son got a glimpse on Halloween and freaked!! They are pretty scary if you think of a gang of the creepy ones coming after you! HAHA.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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