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    Hi guys

    Just wondering if anyone knows whether you can dye your hair when your pregnant, semi permanents, highlights or otherwise???



    They say to stay away from products with ammonia in them when pregnant.

    I remember hearing a midwife say it is not advisable to dye hair in the first trimester but after that, with a product that is ammonia free, I think its ok.

    If dying at home, check the ingredients on the box and go for an ammonia free product and if going to the hair dresser, let them know you are pregnant and ask for advice about what is safe to use.

    Hope that helps.


    Hi-lights are fine as not near the root, but the colour can take different then normal.

    I did use home colours when pregnant, its not only no ammonia dyes, there is another thing in the dye about 25 letters long (cant remember the name) but this is to be avoided, just go into the local chemist and ask in the pharmacy…. i did use hena dye once, wasnt bad and harm free


    I asked the consultant this one – she had a laugh at me and then she said no problem at all.


    My gynae also said no issue at all…. 🙂


    Sure look at the girls in Peter Marcs. They have the wildest colours in their hair and pregnant at the same time. Those mad colours all have amonia in them.

    I really think that this is an old wives tale. My mam was a hairdresser in her day and never heard anything about this.

    Niamh D

    does anyone know if it is dangerous to get a ‘permanent straightening’ treatment while pregnant? I’ve done it a few times before and it is amazing as my hair is really think and a bit wavy. would make life easier when baby comes to not have to be blow drying and using hair straigthener but am worried the chemicals could be harmful (and dont think I’ll get honest answer from hair salon)


    Hi Sherbert,

    This seems to be one of those questions that crops up over and over again. Whilst the studies on the effects of hair dye in pregnancy are limited it doesseem that most of the experts are reasonably content when it comes to dying hair in pregnancy. That said, you could find that your GP or consultant may give some caution to using hair dye in the first trimester when your baby is undergoing most neurological development. This applies mainly to permanent dyes or those with a lot of chemicals. Semi permanents and low ammonia dyes seem ‘more acceptable’. Highlighting is a good option as it uses a lot less dye and does not really involve the scalp where other dyes may be absorbed through. If you are still concerned why not get some advice from your ante-natal carer (consultant or midwives) or your GP.

    If you are planning on having your hair dyed professionally then pick a reputable salon that should be able to advise on what product will be most suitable, and make your appointment for early in the day when there are less fumes built up. If dying at home pick a low ammonia, low chemical product, use in a well ventilated room with gloves and leave on for the minimum time only. Either way remember to always do a patch test first.

    Best Regards


    like you Niamh i would also wonder about the chemical straightening..probably a bit like the old fashioned perm..where curls would be put in, i am sure all our mums would of had perms when pregnant with us 🙂 & in those days the chemicals would of been not so tested & goodness knows what was in them…

    as Hickeys say to Sherbert if you are worried ask your consultant or try to find out brand of solution they are using & ring the head office for advice??

    i started dying my hair at about 16wks but only semi permanents & plan to leave it double the weeks in between colourings…so will probably only do it aboyt 3 times in whole pregnancy..probably no harm at all but makes me feel better knowing i am keeping chemicals to a minimum….

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