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    Last christmas, there was great joy in our home when Santa left our daughter two femele dwarf hamsters, Ann and Joan, under the christmas tree. We oohed and ahhed at them and said how funny and playful and cute they were and how much we enjoyed them. But all was not as it seemed and the cute and cuddily joan turned out to te the butch and masculine JOHN!!!!!! We now have what could only be described as spare hamsters, and we desperatly want to find good homes for them, so if you think you could maybe offer one of them a home, please contact me at 0852860041.


    I saw your post, then text my friend. She now is the happy onwer of 2 hamsters.

    I’ll go and visit them.
    My kids are happy to feed them in friend’s house, but don’t ask for it.
    My friend is trying to push me to get some from you, but no thank you.
    Have 2 cats, and I want a dog (which I may never have 😥
    Hope you’ll find them homes soon.


    Thanks for recommending me , Glad there gone to a good home , my daughter will be too . If you change your mind about taken them i still have more , although i did get rid of two more 😀 so you will have to be quick ! Thanks again .


    Nope, don’t want hamsters…. but just HAD to reply to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your post! Such a sense of humour…. Love it! 😆


    Thank you 😆

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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