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    My daughter got a pair of runners in Dunnes about 2.5 weeks ago – she has been wearing them over the Easter break and yesterday, the soles at the front & back of each runner started to come away from the shoe part – so they are literally curling up & falling apart.

    If it was my son, I would count it as a loss as he is hard wearing in shoes but she is not and I think its that the shoes are crappy.

    I brought them back today to dunnes in scotch hall to see if they would exchange them for something else but the manager was sooo rude to me, he said it was general wear & tear and ‘normal’. I did not have the receipt with me (I know its here somewhere :evil: ) so I saidI would try to find it and come back and he said it did not matter whether I had my receipt because there was no way, receipt or not, he would do anything about it.

    He asked me if I thought he was a fool and he was hostile and raised his voice a few times, while I stayed calm and spoke quietly. He actually drew attention to me and I felt quite uncomfortable standing there. Normally I don’t mind changing something if it is broken or faulty (which I think they are) but I just wanted to get out of there, it was kind of humiliating.

    I asked for his name to follow it up with someone else and he said ‘you can read it on my nametag’ as he kept his hostile stance and arms crossed.

    I left feeling quite upset and went to the customer service desk and explained what happened and they encouraged me to follow it up because they said its not the first time they have had complaints about him.

    I was really shocked to have a manager talk to me like that, I have never had a problem like that in Dunnes before – has anyone else had any problems in there and did you follow it up?


    I’ve never had a problem like that- but I have heard that about him before- def follow it up stand your ground-…….. which type of runners were they? I bought my daughter the glittery runners (like the lelli kelly’s) a couple of weeks ago for the summer….only thing is that she is hard on footwear….. but I’d hate them to fall apart after a couple of weeks


    they are a runner with a pink & purple glittery stripe down the side. They were 13 euro. I know thats not expensive but to have to replace them after less than 3 weeks seems crazy to me. I took her to Heatons sportsworld and got her a pair of k-swiss for 17 euro instead. would not buy another pair in dunnes today after that.

    he was unbelievably rude, I actually find it hard to believe a manager can behave in that way.


    i have a pair off pennys runners 5 weeks know for dd not a break on them its a miracle i usually have to buy her a new pair every 2 or 3 weeks she is very hard on shoes i used to get them in dunnes but not anymore had the exact same pair as your dd for dd didnt last 3 days. i would go back and speak with the manager there very arrogant and cheeky in a certain dunnes in the town.


    When I heavily pregnant I popped in to Dunnes in Scotch hall to get some money from the ATM and my card got stuck in the machine. I was made to feel like it was all my fault and that I would be ruining peoples shopping because they could not take money out. When I say I was close to tears its no exaggeration, I was spoken to in a way that you wouldnt talk to a dog. One of the girls apologized to me but the guy was so abrupt and rude.I didnt complain, was glad to be out of there and I will not shop in there any more!


    Personally, I wouldn’t stand for it…. I am of the mindset where if something is done well, praise and ensure that the person gets full recognition…. but if something isn’t to my satisfaction, or I feel I’ve been given a bad deal, I would def take it further up the line. I would be on to the Dunnes Head Office without delay, giving full breakdown of your incident and the manager’s dealings with you. He shouldn’t be allowed to get away with that at all. If they have some policy regarding returns etc… then so be it, but there is a right way and a wrong way to deal with customers…. and it sounds like he needs a bit of a course in customer relations!


    Best thing to do is (and the correct legal route) is to write and complain to head office.If you were to phone consumer affairs they would advise you to do this. Refer to his name and behaviour in your letter/email. Dunnes will most likely apologize and exchange your shoes or refund you. If you have a copy of your receipt make sure to send it (keep a copy) if you are posting a letter or if you write an email detail the receipt number and state that it is available upon request ( better still scan it if you have a scanner). Refer to the ‘The Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act, 1980′ in the letter.
    Under the ‘The Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act, 1980’, goods should be:
    · Of merchantable quality
    · As described
    · Fit for its purpose
    · Corresponding to sample

    State the shoes were clearly not of merchantable quality.

    Tell them you expect a response within 10 working days. They will most likely respond. If they don’t you can go to the small claims court. I know it costs 15 euro however its the principle of it. It will most likely not come to that but the option is there. It is highly effective.You must make a complaint to head office before you go down this route.

    I’ve used this lots of times and believe me , it works.

    fyi http://www.citizensinformation.ie/en/co … eland.html


    That is terrible Sabbi… you definitely should follow it up, managers are meant to have people skills and this man obviously doesn’t.

    I had a similar experience in H Samuel a few years back over a Swarovski piece, he was an arrogant pig.. I complained to Swarovski and H Samuel as he mortified and belittled me in the shop.

    If I got my DD shoes and that happened, I too would have brought them back as they are obviously not totally fit for purpose…

    Keep us updated!


    I had a run in with Dunnes over faulty stuff, they said i it was past 28days…. eh, so things have to fall apart withinn 28 days and not 29 days!! 🙄 🙄 🙄 Then to add insult to injury i had my receipt but i didnt have the second smaller print out part of it, you get this if you pay for your stuff in Grocery section….. i couldnt get my money back, the manager was very nice but stuck to the rules, i did contact head office and they were well the rules are the rules and they needed the bottom part of the receipt as the sale could have been cancelled, it was a Lazer transaction and its the bottom part that shows the sale went onto the card….
    Dunnes have clamped down alot over the past year or so, i seen a woman freak out in SH, she threw all her shopping back after a heated row with the manager, she said she worked in retail and would never treat someone how she had been treated.
    Saying that the manager down in Grocery is so nice he changed a faulty golf buggy, without a receipt


    I can understand them having to be careful with the way the ecomony is gone but the way he spoke to me was horrible. If could nearly have reduced me to tears but I held it together (my lip did wobble a bit though as I was leaving!)

    I’d say there are some people who chance their arm bringing things back and managers may be a bit fed up with that but it did not occur to me that they would question me – asI would not do that. Will follow up, if he is speaking to people like that and it seems it was not the first time, then he needs a good talking to himself.

    Feck the runners now, its more about his attitide.


    both my girls have the lelli kelly type shoes from Dunnes and so far they’re fine BUT if runners fell apart after 2-3weeks hell yes i’d def be back. BUT as you say Sabbi at this point it’s not the runners now it’s your man’s attitude – no matter he’s dealing with he should not be speaking to anyone in that manner – i’d Def follow it you – get your letter written and follow it up definitely!


    Scarlett??? Did you just sneakily read my mind?? 😆 😆

    That’s exactly what I was about to post (referring to the Sale of Goods and Supply of services Act!)

    The important thing is the receipt for proof of purchase to verify the date (that they are not 6 months old etc.) but if you cannot find it Sabbi, if you paid by laser or credit card and can show the transaction on a statement, that may satisfy head office.

    Do exactly what Scarlett said. (And PM me the name of the guy, I would enjoy bringing something back to him and tying him in psychological and consumer rights knots! 😆 )

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