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    I’ve been browsing various flight sites to check for decent prices to pop over and visit my brother. One comparison site kindly offered me only 2 stop offs (WTF??) and ONLY costs €2,600! :shock: :shock:

    Thought I was good finding a €4.99 flight over and a €4.99 flight back with aer lingus, that comes to €115.79! (They obviously had a different maths teacher to me! :lol: :lol:

    I know that it’ll be in or around that price, just wondering if anyone had any other tips that might use the route on a regular basis?



    if you are a gold member with aer lingus do you get discounts?


    Have you tried BMI? Its http://www.bmibaby.com. They have a dublin to heathrow route, it can work out a lot cheaper than Aer Lingus, hit or miss a lot of the time, but your baggage is included. 🙂


    Not sure about gold discounts Sabbi.

    Thanks Dervy, someone else said BMI as well so I’ll have a look at them.


    are ya staying in london central? we’ve gone and works out cheaper with flying to luton and then train tickets i know it’s a little further out but can be cheaper…

    other option if you were happy for boat it, hubby did it in the summer as cannot fly at the moment has bad ears…so he got the fast boat from dublin port then trained it…he said it worked out pretty reasonable, yeah took longer but was relaxing and there’s a deal thing with rail and boat..think it worked out to be 80£ all in to go both ways….


    We always fly to Luton…. and then transport in to London…. def always cheaper…. 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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