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    Hi all
    Ds is 15 months and still not walking!!
    My 2 dd were walking b4 they were one, I know girls are different but in just getting worried now! What is d average age when boys start walking?


    my niece was 18months
    Is he bearing weight on his legs?
    My friends little fella – wont walk he’s 13months – and to be honest when I saw the speed of him crawling I can’t blame him – speedy isn’t in it!!!!!!


    Lol yes he flys around when hes crawling and he has no problem climbing up on things! He will stand holding onto the table etc im probably just over reacting but just need to be reassured 😀


    Im sure he will do it in his own time.my daughter was later walking than her peers in crèche & I was a bit worried at the time but she got around to doing in in her own time a few months later.As long as he seems happy & active try not to worry too much im sure he will get there soon.


    Only sons here and all 4 of them walked before they were 1. I wouldn’t worry too much, I remember my 2 nieces walked at abt 14months or so.


    My nephew was 18 months whereas my son was 11 months. They were born 5 days apart so it was hard not to compare who was doing what at what stage and my sister used to fret about it because he was not doing it when my son was. But he started walking when he was 18 months and by the time he was 3, he was riding a bike with no stabilisers, which was ahead of most kids his age. So they will do some things quicker and some at their own pace.

    Kids tend to do things in their own time, I would not worry about it just yet. Once he is moving around and active, that’s main thing.

    Our kids were all so different at every stage of development. We did used to compare but now on number 4, we don’t bother so much, we just accept they are all little individuals!

    HTH. 😀


    My son is 14 months and not walking yet. My other 2 walked before their first birthday. My Ds is cruising around the sofa and holding on to the walls to get around he just needs to get over the fear if it and walk. They will do it when they are ready. We both be giving out when they do to sit still for 5 mins 😆


    My son was a whopping 21.5 months before he took his first steps!!! I think the longer theyre not walking, the longer you have your baby. I enjoyed it taking him so long, but towards the end it was a bit annoying as he was crawling and putting the knees out of every pair of trousers he had. Hes 4.5 now at school doing great, and suffice to say walking , running cycling playing football etc etc. Im not sure of theres an average age. All I’d say is dont fret, enjoy your baby


    Also could be that he has no need to be walking if he can use his sisters as his slaves!

    Wouldn’t worry about it – if he can crawl fast and put weight on his legs, he’ll get there in the end.

    DS3 was walking 3km before his cousin (girl six weeks younger) was walking (or crawling) a step. She’s do a bum shuffle only to get where she wanted to go. We used to joke that she was too posh to put her bum in the air. Seriously, no two are the same…. If there was anything major the matter, the health nurses – or family / friends – would havespotted it by now


    My DS1 was 9.5 months when he started walking and my DS2 was nearly 18 months. I wouldn’t be worrying, he will take off one day when you are least expecting it.


    Dont worry my DD was 18mths when she started and just a week before i was due in for a c section on my DS – she must have felt my panic and started walking 😆 i wouldnt have been able to lift her with my scar – good job she started. Dont worry it will happen 😀

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