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    Don’t know where to start with this one, im worn out..

    My ds (18mths) has been sick on & off since before xmas!! Over 2 months now.

    He keeps vomiting & has very dodgy nappies.

    We have good weeks, where it only happens once a day or every second day & then we have very bad weeks, like this, where he vomits everything up within an hour of eating. I have been giving him Dyoralite to combat dehydration but this cant continue. He never has a temperature & still looks for drink + food, although his appetite has reduced a lot. We often find him in his cot cover in puke. The last two mornings he has even been dry retching.

    We have been to the doc, so many times. They referred him to a consultant in OLOL but my appointment is for April!!! Dont know what they expected me to do in the meantime.

    Went back to doc today as I have to work, Crèche wont take him & ive worn out all my babysitters so need to get it sorted but mainly because I’m so worried about him.

    Got another referral letter, I have a friend in temple st who said she may be able to get me an appointment in there sooner then April.

    Doc said if he continues vomiting over the weekend to just bring him to temple street casualty as he is losing weight. My sister even commented recently that he looks like an Ethiopian child with malnutrition – big pot belly!! We laughed at the time but been thinking about it since & maybe there is some truth to it.

    Doc thinks it is probably not an infection as no temperature but more likely a food allergy like celiac (sorry thats probably spelt wrong, not even sure what that is) or a damaged digestive thing. He is already off diary because of his asthma & eczema. Have him on Soya but even avoided that for a while but it didn’t help.

    My little boy is normally a real smiler so happy, hyper, loves the craic, eats everything & great sleeper, I should have it real easy with him but he is always sick.

    It is embarrassing at this stage, I don’t even tell people anymore as im sure they are wondering what we are doing to him or something. I go to work & don’t even mention that I was up all night with him or that he got sick on my twice before i have even left for work in the morning.

    He is so miserable at the moment, nothing makes him feel better, I feel so bad about it all. He is asleep at the moment, thankfully, he needs the rest after this morning. Its making me so sad for him.

    Don’t know what you can advise me but just needed to get it all off my chest. Sorry for the long message.

    Anyone ever come across these symptons before? Anyone have celiac?


    sounds exactly like my cousin… she has celiac’s and was terribly sick when she was little, took over a yr for her to even get her teeth! poor little pet was in an awful way lost so much weight and was terribly sick!

    they got her diagnosed finally and now she is great not a problem too her, until u get a chance too see the doctor i would try him on the free from food for celiac’s… i know they sell them in the new tesco, up by the bakers at the back where they put all the breadrolls and that, they sell free from food and its free from all the ingredients that celiacs cant eat. they also do chicken nuggets and burgers in the frozen section they are all in yellow bags that have free from on them…

    would do him no harm to eat them regardless of the outcome so for now you could try them just too see and they even do chocolate muffins and that! 😀

    best of luck, i can only imagine how ur feelin, but dont be embaressed by it, ur trying your best for him…

    good luck and hope he’s ok soon x.x.x


    sounds like a food intolerance alright, wheat or dairy or something. can you get him tested in the meantime to put your mind at rest? My 2 are dairy intolerant and my daughter was like that, washey and snotty & generally miserable.

    Poor little mite, hope he feels better soon.


    Same here my godchild was allergic to dairy products and they made her ill, she has cerebal palsy and she wasalso allergic to specific food colourings. You can get an allergy test for him before April, i think natures way do food testing not sure if they test children but give them a ring. Also, you could get it done private for about €100 (the allergy test) in the mater private.Again not sure about children but another phonecall you could make. There is tonnes of allergy clinics around try their websites and see if their is an allergy clinic near you. Best of luck with your wee man x


    f you can, do the mater route.. nature’s way i wouldn’t have alot of faith in their testing method but thats just my personal opinion. good luck


    Hi MaryE,

    Hopes your ds gets well soon!


    Hi There,

    Thank you for all the replies. They were great.

    Ds not as bad as he was but still vomiting sporadically. Found him in cot this morning, covered in it. had to bath him, change sheets etc before i went to work.

    Ended up bring him to Temple street the weekend before last because i thought the vomiting was out of control (on my gps advise), but they didn’t want to know because he wasn’t dehydrated. DS was in good form when we got there smiling t everyone – typical. They were so rude, nearly scolding me for wasting their time. kept saying this is an acute department not for this type of thing. I was deflated & upset afterwards. You feel like you are very alone & no one will help you. Like why do i always feel like i have to convince the doctors that my ds is sick, if i say he is sick, he is sick, why would i make it up!!

    They advised me to wait until my consultants appointment & if they saw fit they would refer me to one in temple street (mater private for adults).

    I was also talking to a allergy guy near where i work but he doesn’t deal with kids under five.

    I have heard of a lady in Monaghan who analysis your needs from your blood/ something got to do with your blood type, so going to get her number & give her a shout.

    The vomiting has calmed down but he is still doing it & but his nappies are constantly dire (loose & they really stink -sorry tmi). Thankfully he has put on a bit of weight again.

    So looks like we will just have to wait & see.


    Hi Marye 😀

    OMG i feel so sorry ur son 🙁 & u 2 of corse, there is nothing like it in the world ur child being sick 🙁 well my lil girl who is 6 now used to throw up as well 🙁 she would go to bed without a bother on her & a few hours later in her sleep would vomit, i was up d wall 🙁 now there were weeks when she would be sick once but on a bad wk ya know urself it would be a lot, i used to have to bath her in d middle of d night d poor child did’nt know what was going on 😥 i cut out loads of things like dairy & bread which was v.v hard as these r d things she loves, slowly but surely its like her tummy has gotten back to itself, she was so sick as a baby with colic 🙁 she would cry for hours every evening, so sad. did ur son have colic ? because i think this is linked. Things like sponge cake r out d door & cheese crisps anything cheese based & she would defo be sick, do u know those crisps called quavers well i was giving them to her thinking to myself there easy for a toddler to eat ‘not hard’ & she would be sick during d night. to this day i don’t let her eat them, just in case, i couldn’t let her eat after 6pm & it really helped 🙂 she seems to have grown out of it & is back to eating normal , please god ur son will to. d odd thing might upset her tummy its nothing like it was though. i hope that some of these tips can help as i’m trying to remember all d things we had to do to help her, i hope you find all d help you need to get him better !!

    best of luck, lisa xx


    Thanks for your reply. That is mad that your daughter seemed to go through the same thing, im glad she grew out of it, it gives me hope.

    My ds has been sick every night this week, the poor little man. Plus he now has a cold & conjunctivitus -Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    That has just reminded me that i have to get a little note book today & start a food diary.

    No, he didn’t have colic but did have an operation on his stomach at just five weeks old (Pyloric stenosis – a narrowing of the pylorus, the lower part of the stomach), i was told this can’t re-occur but it does make me wonder if its related.

    He is already off diary (as he has Eczema) & doesn’t really eat much bread (just not a big fan of it) but i do sometimes give him some snack crisps but not very often but now i dont think i will give him them again.

    I will just have to keep the diary & see if there is a patten.

    He is very, very hugry child so dont think i would be able to not feed him after 6pm, although its a very good idea but i think he would be up all night if he is hungry. He is a great sleeper, so dont want dont ruin that.

    Thanks again for reply. the suggestions are great & good to know.


    Just sent you a pm 😆


    Hi There,

    Nikki Didn’t get that pm!

    Still waiting on appointment with hospital.

    ds still vomiting, my mam had him for weekend as it was our wedding anniversary, so we went away for a night. God what a great rest we had although we worried about him the whole time. Poor mam is exhausted as he was sick a few times. Like i have been telling her that he vomits a lot but i dont think she really got what was involved – baths in the middle of the night, sheets being changed & washed at least once a day, constant worry about hydration etc

    My friend told me about this lady in Monaghan who does Live Blood Analysis, where a small sample of your blood is taken via pin prick and analysed under a microscope?? Anyone know anymore about this or ever been?
    I rang her a got a cancellation for Wednesday morning, so bringing him but don’t really know if it will help. At this sage i will try anything.

    Im so dissapointed with the health system in this country. How can they leave a 1 year old who is constantly vomiting for six weeks to see a speacialist?

    Thank you for all your support.



    hi Mary,

    the above is a link to a clinic in Portmarnock in Dublin who also diagnose kids for ilness like this, a friend of mines daughter was very sick and in and out of hospitals vomiting and bad constipation this went on for weeks and she was loosing serious amounts of weight, she was 7 at the time.
    my friend brought her to the above i think it was €50.00 but they asked a few questions and then got her to hold onto this two metal bars that are hooked to a computer that somehow manage too read what is wrong and she said she was having a temporary lactose allergy, they kept her off all dairy for 6 weeks and was as right as rain hasnt looked back since…

    i know the above is not what’s wrong with ur son as u said he’s not mad on dairy anyway, however the website might help if the girl in monaghan doesnt come up with anything. give it a look wont do any harm…

    really feel awful for u’s i know i hate when j gets sick and thats very rare!!

    good luck!


    God Mary that sounds terrible your poor little guy, Dont think you should have been treated like that in temple street, are none of them mothers themselves?

    Sorry now advice for you and roll on your appointment, have you tried keeping a food diary? you might see a pattern in certain foods and the vomiting


    Thanks shellbell, i actually know that Lady in Portmarnock, went to her myself before, i can’t believe that i never thought of her.

    So went to see that Live Blood Analysis Lady in Monaghan yesterday.
    She took a pin prick & looked at ds blood under a microscope & says he has a leaky gut/ bowel which is seeping toxins into his blood stream causing the vomiting. She said he is absorbing little or none of the nutrients from his food, so thats why he is constantly craving food but still always getting colds etc.

    She suggested that we take him off Wheat (i.e cereals, bread, pasta etc),all dairy, soya, sugar & pork plus a few other things. This is based on eating right for your blood type. He also needs to take multi-vitamin and pro-biotic supplements to rebuild the right bacteria in his gut.

    In her opinion he is not ceoliac but wheat intolerant. She also thinks he is not asthmatic and shouldnt be on an inhaler!!

    She said all his problems are caused because of the antibotics he took as a few born & because he is intolerant to wheat.

    Took it all with a pinch of salt but def worth a try although it will be hard. If it works it will be great.

    Going for hospital appointment next week, We will see what the speacialist says next week. I think she is probably right but i feel there may be more to it. Something that she can’t test for.

    What do any of you think of this?


    Hi MaryE no problem, heard great reports about her alright!

    jesus ur poor DS thats something u would never even think of isnt it!!
    well i hope for his sake it is that so at least its solveable!!
    and also that if it was it wouldnt be something worse!

    do as u said and try it at least until u see the specialist! 😀

    keep us updated how the little man gets on..

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