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    Girls I have just taken down my cream sitting room cutains, they are off white/light cream, they are spotless but I just wanted to freshen them up, on the care lable its "dry clean only"
    I was just going to bang them into the washing machine! My mother thinks im mad and its a "fools economy" as in Dry cleaning would be much cheaper then having to replace wrecked curtains.
    My sunroom sofa is dry clean and I’ve often washed them no problems in the washing machine…..
    Has anyone else tried this? Did it work out Okay? Or do you know any cleaners doing special offers on Curtains?


    I did wash our bedroom curtains in the machine before and they did shrink a little… but the lining didn’t!! It isn’t that noticeable but I won’t be doing it again!


    hi taylor5, ive often washed my sittingroom curtains on a 30 degree wash, ie… handwash or wool cycle as it has a shorter spin and ive never had a problem , they also say dryclean only . i think once their not washed in very hot water you should be ok and the shorter spin although leaving them a bit wetter makes for easier ironing. ltl


    its pot luck I think……washed curtains in handwash no spin and shrunk……then wash other things and not a bother………I’m terrible for trying anyway!!!


    Oh I dont know they are spotless but just a bit dusty at the top, mam told me to hang them on the line and give them a good blow (mothers words not mine) 🙄 😆 😆 😆 Then press them…… they never get pulled they are always clipped back in the tie backs.
    A bit of a "blow" and some fabreese for them and bobs your auntys husband….

    I did ring about and wheaton hall were doing an offer on 90 x 90 curtains for 40euro, not bad.
    If they were dirty I’d take a risk but I’d kick myself if they shrunk while I was just freshening them up


    my sister always washes her curtains in machine
    would depend on how "good" they were, my mam has given me her old curtains for both our sitting room & dining room they were very expensive in the first place so i didn’t take the chance and had them dry cleaned


    I paid a few hundred euro, had the money then but wouldnt be able to replace with same quality if I feck them up so a good iron and they are going back up… they arent dirty but Im sure with ds2 on the go, they wont stay like that for long 😆 😆 😆


    You could try to vacuum them if it is just the dust. The material in linings will not shrink but you should check the label to see if it tells you what material the curtain is actually made of. Certain materials wash better than others. I would go with a wool or silk wash if you were going to try it. You could try hand washing but that would be quite difficult – so I would turn down the temperature on the machine to the lowest setting. Some machines have a rinse only cycle – not sure if this would do anything to freshen them up though.

    If they are very expensive, I would not risk it. The vacuum and fabreze will do the job.


    I have a hand wash cycle on the machine, but chose to just hover, press and fabrese…. look grand and saved me a fortune 😆 😆 😆 😆 Im sure when ds2 (dirty pup) gets going they will need a dry clean in no time 🙄
    His 4 months old highchair has been taken apart 4 times aleady 😯 !!!!! So my cream curtains dont stand a chance


    just seen this now , and when i got married after my wedding i wanted to get my dress cleaned, It had beading ,etc on bodice and was satin skirt etc , anyway even though it was dry clean only Not one of them would clean it 🙄 because of bodice , anyway i rang the place where i cbought the dress and she told me to pop the bodice into one pillow case and the skirt into another and put them into the machine on a wool wash 30oc and just add powder nothing else , i did and it came out amazingly clean, as i was so wrried as the bottome was destroyed from dragging the ground.
    its now hanging in my wardrobe gathering dust 🙂 ah no it will be handed on to my little woman 🙂

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