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    Short & Sweet! Styling Tips for ladies who come in smaller packages!

    From Soroya at http://www.cozediroze.ie/

    Dressing to suit you when you’re short can sometimes be difficult. From constantly getting things hemmed to waistlines that are simply too high, it’s important to have a talented tailor you can trust..
    Below are some easy fashion tips for shorter women which will help when shopping. Remember the goal is to create a continuous line, regardless of what you’re wearing. This creates the illusion of a longer, leaner you.

    When choosing tops and blouses, keep things streamlined. Any large shape can easily drown you, even if you have curves. Lengthen your shape with blouses that hit no further than the top of your hips. A nipped waist will always create a slimmer, longer shape, so look for tops with darting or seams running through the front of the garment.

    Keeping the line of your trousers narrow, but not super tight, skinny jeans, instead opting for a clean, straight leg that skims the ankle is most flattering. Avoid capri or cropped pants, as they will cut you off and make you appear shorter. Aim for jeans that sit at the waist and have a continuous straight line through the hem. Anything severe, such as a bellbottom or flare will break the line and shorten you.

    Skirts should also be neat, especially if the hem is longer than a mini skirt. Tulip skirts or bubble hems can be quite flattering on a short woman. But do be aware to keep your shape in mind when choosing the skirt. Remember if you are wearing a voluminous skirt, then team with a sleek blouse and high heels for a trim look.

    When choosing a scarf, keep it light rather than a thick, heavy one. When wearing tops and dresses, team with long bead necklaces rather than a short wide one. Wear long earrings but leave out the necklace as both will drown you.

    You don’t have to wear high heels all the time just because you’re short. It’s painful and not very practical. If you are more confident wearing heels, then choose a kitten heel which will work with practically everything. Wearing flat pumps and boots can be really nicely carried off by shorter ladies and looks very sweet.

    Hemlines are very important when choosing dresses or skirts. Typically, you can really carry off dresses that are roughly around knee-length. Anything longer and you end up swimming in the garment and looking even smaller. Anything too much shorter and you may end up giving the wrong impression. For a more conservative length, stick to an inch max below the knee. If you can carry it, go an inch or two above.

    For more tips, visit our website http://cozediroze.ie/



    Here is some ideas of how good Soraya from Coze di Roze is, she recommended this top for me to compliments my petite frame and big boobs!!



    Nice and good advice

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