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    Hi there,

    I have a lovely new red dress that i bought in a sale in September and my aim was to get into for Christmas. It didnt fit me at all at the time as just had a baby.

    Anyway tried it on the other night & it zips up and i really like it- yeahhhhh

    The only problem is my boobs are a little flattened looking, not that im complaining about my boob size but it would look so much better if they werent so crushed.

    Im wondering if anyone else has the same problem & what do you usually do?

    There doesnt seem to be enough material in the seam to take out the dress a little under my arms but was wondering if i could get small bit of material added in there instead?? has anyone ever done this?

    Really wnat to wear this dress.


    I had little bits of material added into bridesmaid dresses just under the armpits to allow for my bustier ladies. I had just bought the dresses off the rack and had them tailored. You wouldnt even have known and it all fitted them perfectly. There is a lady near me called Una Hearty who is a brilliant dressmaker she is out in the country but she works in the evening wear and bridal shop in john street (near the bus station) is it called ‘protocol’ ??
    Pm me and I’ll give you her number if you like. You could get a little bit of contrasting materialand make it a feature of the dress. Una will be able to work her magic and advise what the best of course of action is anyway.
    Good luck with it 😀


    Thanks for that.


    or there is an place upstairs on west street btw dunnes and o2.
    if you haventgot it done yet


    Go Mary….getting into the dress well before Christmas!! Well done you!! 😀

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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