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    So Dr Eva is suffering a backlash after her comments to one of the leaders on Wednesday night.

    Did you see it and what did you think? She was quite tough with her comments but to be fair, the whole point of having her on the show is to support and encourage the leaders and if a leader is slacking off and not doing what they should be, she has a right to say something. Sure, isn’t that her job??

    When you saw that leader with Karl you could see she had not been doing her exercises properly, I think she needed a kick up the backside to be honest. Maybe in a kinder way but still, she needed a boost to get moving!

    what do ye think??


    Dr Eva was funny doing Gangham style last night – that’s more like her personality than the way they usually portray her I think.

    Looks like they made her apologize last night – I thought it was a bit much, bit of overkill TBH. Yep she was harsh on Charlotte but to be fair, Charlotte did come across as a bit lazy in past few weeks and I think she was just trying to motivate her!!

    Ah sure, its all good TV!!


    I agree it was a bit OTT last night, the dancing did look fun! 😆 😆 😆

    I think she needed a kick up the ass last week, fair play to Eva, she has a tough job. I think Charlotte hasnt done herself any favours, she does come across as lazy, she is only 23 and 16 stone, 13 stone at 13!! I think their maybe more issues going on there. She was an over eater as a child and that habit would be hard to break.
    I was shocked on the first week that she went up 8Ibs over Christmas 😯


    Yep I remember her saying an 8lb increase over Christmas, that was alot!

    Lets see how she does next week and hopefully she will keep doing well and make the 5km run in the Phoenix park

    is anyone else going to Phoenix park for that?


    I would love to do it but i didnt register

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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