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    I loved this recipe last year from Operation Transformation and thought I would add for anyone who likes a curry but wants a slimline version!

    Dr Eva’s Chicken Curry with Vegetables and Rice. A delicious dish and just 450 calories.

    1 tsp olive oil
    150 g chicken breast
    0.50 small onion (approx 50g)
    1 carrot (approx. 150g)
    1 courgette (approx 100g)
    50 g basmati rice
    1 tblsp soy sauce
    0.25 cube of chicken stock melted in hot water from kettle (approx. 300ml)
    2 cloves garlic
    2.50 ml garam masala
    2.50 ml madras curry powder
    1 star anise

    Peel carrots and onion. Cut carrots in strips and onion and courgette into slices.
    Cut chicken into small pieces with sharp kitchen scissors or knife.
    Add 5ml of oil into the pan. When oil is hot add vegetables (carrots and
    courgette first) stirring frequently.
    After few minutes add onion.
    Add spices (garam masala, soy sauce, Madras curry powder, chopped garlic and star anise) and then add chicken.
    Add rice (that you have let soak in water for 20 mins.) and that you have drained.
    Pour vegetable stock in when the ingredients start sticking to the wok but in small quantities at a time and still stirring frequently.
    Put the lid on and let the vegetables, rice and chicken simmer.
    Stir frequently until vegetables and rice are al dente. Add hot water from the kettle if required.

    http://www.rte.ie/lifestyle/food/recipe … -and-rice/

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