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    has anyone got spotlights or downlighters fitted after build…

    is it a pain to get done, ie. replastering or upstairs floor boards to come up??

    anyone reccomend anyone if they have had this done


    just asked dh he said you would have about 2 or 3 hand holes, big enough for a hand and a drill to drill through the beam, it depends on the run of the beams and where you want the lights iykwim
    Dh said get LED spots, they are more expensive to buy, but cheaper to run and last 10 times longer
    There will be damage but nothing major


    just spoken to an electrician, he’s gonna come and have a look…excuse my ignorance but are the led ones white like shine white or what do they look like…

    he said there will be plastering and hs a friend expected this lets hope this can be done as the current lights wrecking my head bulbs are dear to replace and keep blowing and twice they have blown as in smashed to pieces just aswell was only me in the kitchen…


    yahhooo…i have lights, delighted with the job, all he did was come price and i said when he said tomorrow, today is yesterday’s tomorrow and i’m thrilled with what he’s done, granted the place needs repainting but that’s why got done now…

    MC CARTNEY ELECTRICAL – 041-9887865


    wow scole, that was fast!! you don’t hang about!! glad you’re sorted 🙂


    now just the other thing to sort out we were chatting about

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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