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    Oooh….my new faux snake skin Freddy jeans arrived today and not only are they Gorgeous but I got a size smaller than usual. After stone & half weight loss (thanks Dave Kavanagh Financial Companion) I’m back to size 12 at last!! Yay!!!

    Still a stone to go but I am chuffed with how the weight loss is going. I have to say, the Hula Hooping is really having an impact. I can feel a big difference in my thighs since I started that.

    Just need a night out so I can wear these fab jeans! They’re too glam for daywear!

    For 10% off at use promo code ‘mumstown’

    And for 10% off at use promo code ‘MyHoop’

    Happy shopping!


    Financial Companion

    Well done Siobhán! Just keep driving forwards in the manner that you have been. Sensible eating and drinking, moving more and a positive attitude knowing that you can do it! 😉



    Slowly and steady Dave….I’m not in a hurry, just taking my time to make it manageable when I get all the weight off that I need to shift!

    Have to say, the hula hoop is brilliant, its really having an impact on my waist and thighs. Especially my inner thighs, which is a hard place to get!!!

    If anyone wants to give it a go, pick up a weighted Hula Hoop from and use promo code MyHoop for 10% off!!


    Kate Anderson

    Congratulations! This is a hard but good thing that you’ve done.

    I remember when I was essentially trapped at home due to allergies. If I didn’t pick up the best exercise bike for sport to work out on I’d probably fall off the wagon.

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