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    There is a parent and toddler group every thursdays at the Donacarney community centre, 10 to 11.30am.
    No joining fee, only 3 Euro per familly towards tea, coffee and insurance cost.
    Loads of toys for kids, any many extra activities will be organised all year long.

    The group is been takingover by a new mum, very enthousiastic.

    It really worth going.


    Hi fabienne

    is there a friday session?


    No, I’m afraid.


    oplajh, you could always come to the bettystown court on fri mornings, there’s mother and child swimming at 10 and then coffee afterwards at 11am…..i don’t go swimming i just go for the chat and coffee and scones afterwards so there’s always an option…’s on every fri….


    Did any of you went last thursday?
    My kids are too old now, but the mum running it is great.
    Hope many will try it.


    Where is the community centre, I would like to attend.


    I’m terrible at giving directions, but I’ll try.

    When you’re coming from Bettystown golf club towards Donacarney school, golf club on right you keep going straight (if you go right you’ll go along the river).
    Keep going straight, then on top of the "hill" you should go left to go to school, you go straight insteas for less than 5 meters, car park on the right hand side, if you miss the entrance then you;ll have a road on the right

    Anyway, it’s like a big strange crossroad, donacarney school on left, toddler group on the right hand side on the road. And if you were going straight you’ll end up in South gate Shopping centre.

    If with my explanations you arrive in a town called Dundalk, you’re too far

    Have a good time at the toddler group,

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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