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    pinata ruth

    Its not often that i feel the need to vent or discuss something like this but since this happened i just can’t get it out of my head.
    I bumped into a woman whose daughter used to go to school with me at the weekend. I surprisingly ended up have quite a detailed conversation with her. During which she became fully informed that i now run my own business. She went on to state that her youngest son is having trouble getting a job because of the recession and how unfair it is that the younger generation are not being given a chance because of the recession. He’s twenty and still living at home. She also complained that he’s not getting the full dole allowance.
    All fine and well until she then went on to say that she’s going to england next week to buy a car as all Irish businesses do is try to rip you off. She’d spent a bit of time up the north looking but got a better deal in the UK. Looking to change the subject i asked if all this ‘research’ was done on-line, in the hope of starting to talk about what else she enjoys on-line(clutching at straws!!). But alas no, she did all this research every week while doing her weekly shop up north- every week.
    Can this woman not see that if she spends her money in the south then her son is more likely to get job. Am i being too matter of fact/ sensitive or am i right to be on my high horse as a business owner that likes to rip people off!!!



    Oh i hear ya, i have been saying this for years, some people just cant see beyond the few euro they save every week… if we spent our money down south things wouldnt be so bad, the banks would still be in shit, but the business going to the wall week in week out might be a bit less.

    you know what mammies and their sons 😆 😆 😆 Only 20 sure i bet he is spoilt rotten, only short of wiping his bum for him im sure 😆 😆 😆


    I see both sides of this and obviously spending money down here would help things in the long run..but its tough if ya skint and only have say 50 quid to buy some stuff..if you can get twice as much up North in that instant, its only human nature to go there..everyone knows its wrong but its like watching porn at this stage I think people do it in secret!!

    I haven’t been up N properly for a long long time and think that shops/ businesses in the Rep have made a great effort and so now I will reward them for doing so by shopping here for groceries instead.

    Its an argument that would run and run .and there has been loads of dicussion in the past on these boards…

    Yes its wrong but people don’t live their lives in such a righteous way I guess..folks know its bad for the economy but don’t think of the consequences..bit like driving big guzzling cars/ drying clothes in a tumble dryer and using a dish washer..all bad for the environment in the long run but do we really care as we are doing it? Most folk live for the moment rightly or wrongly and if they gonna save them selves a few quid then they are not going to think of the consq.

    Not condoning any ones behaviour really but just trying to understand reasons I guess.

    Sure to be honest I do 80% of my non food shopping online using mainly non Irish companies..yes its wrong but personally I don’t like leaving the house to go into town if I am researching at home ..I would buy the cheapest wherever it came from.
    The global market place is so small and easily accesible now through the Internet that I don’t personally reckon that all this country’s problems have come from folk going up N to buy stuff.
    Then again I have no donkeying clue..I have zero interest in Politics and or finance . I love fields and the sea. 😆


    I did my Grocery Shopping up north for nearly 2 years every week. I know its the story of keep the money at home and keep the jobs, but it doesn’t work like that…

    Its only because people stopped buying at home that the millionaires who own Dunnes Stores, etc. started to cop on that ordinary people in this country can’t afford to be ripped off just to feed their families. The Celtic Tiger didn’t impact on this household, although my Husband had a very good job his wages were barely scrapping us by week to week because of the cost of everyday items, we couldn’t afford to do any work to our house at all.

    Prices have come down, there is now very little difference in food prices at home and up north, so I buy here. After Christmas when the VAT Rate goes back up in the North, the advantages of buying electrical goods etc will have practically gone also.

    Its only in the last 12-18 months that we’ve started to have a proper standard of living on a good wage and we’ve just had our first holiday in 4 years. We’re also breathing a sigh of relief that his company DIDN’T expand with the Celtic Tiger because that now means his job is as steady as ever Thank God.


    HMM im quilty of the dishwasher and the dryer and big car (not that big only 1.8 petrol)

    Sparkley i do agree with what your saying, if the throng of people heading north weekly hadnt have happened, the stores down south wouldnt have make the effort to reduce prices…. but now the trend is dying out due to good value down south and the pound rate etc, the prices are starting to creep back up or as in tescos case leap back up week in week out.
    I think we are the ones to blame for rip off Ireland, im guilty of over paying when we had the money, now things are tighter i do watch money more!!!!!


    I do also agree that if people were not going up to the North to shop, nothing would have been done here… I go up the odd time now, still save money each time I go up… yes prices have come down here, but still savings to be had up North!

    It kills me to buy something in Dorothy Perkins here as the sterling price is so much cheaper, so I now shop with them online (thanks Yummy!) and even with delivery charge to Ireland its still cheaper!

    I know I should shop here for everything, but if I can save somewhere I will! However I would not go about saying thats it wrong to do it when I am myself!

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