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    where do people stand on dogs being let run amuck?????
    when i was 2 a dog bit my jaw off and i still have the physical scars today…now i love dogs and own 2 rothweilers who i we love to death..but we are responsible dog owners..we have them both licenced, use muzzles when we take them out and never never let them off the leads….you would think i should be scared of dogs but im not…UNLESS its someone elses dog who is out and about with no lead and mostly with no owner…and jumps up on me me play but pins me against a fence…then my heart jumps in my chest and i loose my life…panic sets in…now this is a big dog and is very playful and is beautiful. BUT when the owner isnt being responsible you cant blame the dog…
    not too many yrs back i remember a case in england where a child was being pushed in theur pram and eating an icecream when a guy walking his dog(rothweiler) came past and the dog jumped up for the ice cream and took the childs face off…horrific..
    also do you remember the gran minding her grandkids when the family pet got in and killed one of the children..think it was a staffy
    now the dog that took off my face was a jack russel, a small cute jack russel, but also a lethal weapon..
    my point is everydog can turn weather the owner is there or with the dog thats given us hassle at the moment we have approached said dog owner who more or less said to f@*k off…we have rang the dog warden who has sent out letters and still nothing..we approached said owner again and got the same response and he threatened us..the cheek… we rang the guards as we were threatened and still the dog runs amuck…where to now….
    is it too much to ask for people to be responsible for their pets????


    dont get me started…. dog crap on the pavement out side our school… dogs wandering round the playground 😈 😈 😈 dd was attacked by a dog last year and has a massive fear of dogs , i just wish people could be more responsible


    my nephew got chased by 2 mastifs 3 weeks ago he is a afraid of his life of dogs .my pup nearly got attacked yesterday he was out with my dad for his first long walk and these 2 big dogs came over and barking at my father and ben he hid behind me dad and me dad told them 2 shoo them they went away owner up the road sniggering and laughing my pup is only 5 months old.


    Somepeople just dont care, laws are there for others not for them….. i find women are worse when walking dogs without leads, i had a woman who walked her dog around the estate without a lead, her dog shit in my grass EVERYDAY!!!
    I called her one day and she just look back at the dog having its dump in my garden and walked off….. i was Fuming!! I had just been up in Dublin for most of the day getting an MRI scan done and was in wicked form…. i got a plastic bag picked up the poo and drove after her, i gave it to her (had to force her to take it she wasnt happy at all) and told her the next time i’d take photos and she would have a big fine.

    She changed her route and the dog started going in another neighbours garden!!!! 😯
    What is this woman thinking? Does she think it was okay to let her dog poo in someones garden? I told my neighbour to bring her dog around and let it poo in her garden…. .i moved so never found out if she stopped letting her dog poo.


    well if you know whos dog is pooing in your garden then get onto the litter warden too…i know this guy has received a fine from the dog warden and the litter warden and he still doesnt seem to give a hoot..

    my father in law races greyhounds and he was on the beach a few wks back with them…he had his 2 on the leads…another guy on the beach with his dogs off the father in law was trying to control his dogs as they were being jumped at by the other dogs and he fell over..the man with the 2 dogs did father in law has had really bad pain in his shoulder since then and he went up to olol hospital on thurs…he has cracked his shoulder in the fall…….i hate irrisponsible dog owners…to them they might think their dog is only a pet but they dont give two hoots about people who might have a genuire fear…feck that im gettin onto the dog warden again tomorrow…


    The poor man! I HATE walking on Bettystown beach the ladies who lunch power walk along with dogs off their leads, while your left to wrestle your dog up the beach while their yappy little dogs are running about you, your dog and your kids… while power walking ould one is about 1/2 a mile down the beach with not a care in the world for what her dog is up too….. an "off the lead dog" started yapping at my ds2 (nearly 2 at the time) i ran at the dog an it turned on me, so i drop kicked it half way down the beach!!! If it had of snapped at ds he wouldnt have had the sense to move out of the way
    My kids dont have a fear of dogs as they have one themselves, but what if you had a child with a fear of dogs? Its not right, but then again people know the laws aren enforced so why should they comply 🙄


    these dog wardens are public servants who work 38 hrs a wk and theres only 1 or 2 in louth…its a time my hubby was on the beach with our 2 dogs..on the lead and muzzled..and this whon was coming along with her dog off dh let out a kick to warn her dog away from ours although he didnt actually kick her and that bitch started on my dh…ill tell ya if i had been there i would have pulled her througha bush backwards…the cheek of her…she knew a man wouldnt stand up to her…we have a rule…i deal with other women and he deals with men….

    but ur right taylor, women are much worse than men…especially the power walk brigade..


    its a tricky one…we have always hd several dogs & yes we like to walk on mornington beach with our dogs off the leads…& we pick & choose our times to avoid…children & horses & lots of walkers…or if they are around we tend to stay up in dunes where no1 else is….

    but wat bugs me is if i see someone else with their dog on lead i will put our dogs on lead & keep them very close but other people dont do same & dogs tend to be more agrresive when they are on lead & another dogs is running free…so I see young children i put our dogs on lead or like you say chickpea Greyhounds or dogs that have to be on lead like your rotties…but other people dont & its a nitemare as my dogs get very worked up when someone else dog comes jumping around them when they r on lead 👿

    the dog warden can be called in many cases & i have seen especially in our estate that dogs have had to be kept in afterwards…these dogs were not even causing a major problem but they were allowed to roam free at times & i suppose someone got annoyed….

    dogs need to run free but it must be supervised & where they can do no harm…

    do you ever manage to let your dogs have a run chickpea?? i am so frightened of rotties myself but i always feel a bit sad for them they have to be on leads & i would say that nearly all rottweiler owners i have seen tend to do this….i probably have seen you down beach..i saw 2 beautiful ones once it was proberly you??


    I remember once asking the dog warden about a dog out without a lead. He said once they are ‘under control’ with an owner then its okay. We have a dog but my kids are afraid to walk her as there are so many dogs walking the streets with no lead,owners in sight. Just let out for a run. Its always the same dogs, let out to do their business outside on the greenthe kids play in or in your garden. These people seem to think they have the ‘right’ to do this, and they have more than one dogs in some cases. But what if most of us did this, let our dogs out in the morning, went off for the day and then took then in maybe at night. The laws need to be enforced and in some cases changed. Many people are genuinely afraid of dogs and dogs on streets and beaches especially make their life a misery. Dog owners think because they like their dogs that everyone else will too….but it is a real fear that stops many people using beaches to walk on.


    i agree dogs should be under control on a beach but there are different areas or should be where dog walkers can walk & where people who dont like dogs can walk…i never walk my dogs on bettystown beach or on warm day in summer on any beach but mornington end is not as busy & it is where most dog walkers go…so if I was afraid of dogs i would tend to go bettystown end….even if i kept my dogs on lead there would be 20 other dogs who were not on lead & would have no intention of putting them on lead…yes its not fair on people who are afraid of dogs but if there were areas that had to be dog free by law like on many beaches in uk & other countries then everyone would get best of both worlds….

    my pleasure in life is walking my dogs & if i could not walk my dogs freely "under control" then my life would be very different….it is not the dogs but the owners who fail to keep dogs under control….

    but i do agree you shoudl be able to walk out of your own house without fear of a loose dog & it is more important that people stop letting their dogs roam alone or let them run leadfree in housing estates….

    when i used to walk my ds on beach when he was younger if we saw a loose dog I would put him straight in buggy & put rain cover down & stand in front…

    other things you can try is a dog attacks is to grab his back legs up & this should make him release his hold or if you want to deter a dog..something i always used to carry under my buggy in case of loose dogs was a can of aerosol spray….most dogs are afraid if they hear noise of this & will back off….another option is of course the dog biscuits…. of course in ideal world you would not need these things as everyone would follow rules but as they dont these are measures i take as a dog owner myself….


    I have absolutely nothing against responsible dog owners who have a bit of consideration for everyone else – but those who let their dogs foul parks & playgrounds & footpaths & don’t clean it up, deserve to be fined to within an inch of their lives….. And anyone with a dog needs to be aware that the friendliest dog has the POTENTIAL to hurt a child etc if not on a lead….


    I only seen a woman today walking through the industrial estate, her dog did a poo outside funtasia on the grass while she just power walked about 30 yards ahead!!!!
    Im going to ring the dog warden as i would say its her regular time and route.
    I love to let my dog have a run, but if i see anyone or other dogs i clip her back on the lead, but it only takes a few people with no regard for others that ruin things for all dog walkers


    i agree its the way dogs are treated by their owners that make a dog viscious or not…its not the animals fault but the owners…
    i live in clogherhead moonflower so it prob wasnt me you saw…theres a big field beside wherewe live and the farmer lets us take our dogs for a run in there so its not too bad…saying that because we have 2 and they are sisters they run up and down the garden all day long too….they give me great piece of mind when the dh is working late…sometimes hes not home til 11 and id be home alone…. so they are great watch dogs…i have never seen them be viscious but i can only imagine how they would be if some one did try to trespass…

    i think there should be a designated place where dog owners could go and let their dogs have a good old run but again we are way behind in the times…
    theres a few dog owners in our estate who let their dogs out at noght for their last run and to do their bits and pieces…id love to let my 2 out..that would put the shits clean up them…i come from a family of dog lovers…my brother has 2 mastifs…they are so friendly but i wouldnt leave them unaccompanied…my other brother has a st bernard and my sister used to have a bijon freese…we always had dogs growing up…and we are all very responsible with our animals….
    its just a shame that not every one shares our opinions guys..then we would have a nice clean safe environment..


    it does not cost much for a box of nappy bags i aways bring some with me when i am going for a walk with my pup but he always holds he little legs and does it on the front step just when coming back 😳 😆


    i know…people i knew always used to laugh at me as whenver they saw me wlaking my dogs i wd always have a bag of poo with me ..i think if there were more dog dirt bins arnd that would encourage people more as well as if you are someone who picks up the poo on walks..what do u do with it til u get home?? i sometimes leave it in a discreet place in bag & pick up on way back but i may forget 😳 which is awful or i do my whole walk carrying a bag of poo 😳

    so i think dog dirt bins are the answer for sure….

    Chickpea..when i was growing up all i ever wanted was a houseful of children & animals…the houseful of children is not so easy to make happen..but the animals just keep coming 🙂 they are such a comfort & wonderful friends….so i can see why you love your two so much…i bet they idolise you as well.

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