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    Financial Companion

    Had an interesting conversation over the weekend with a friend. She had been saying that she would love to be able to afford a holiday this year and maybe update the car. We got talking about spending and it led on to the fact that both she and her dh smoke. They "confessed" to smoking 20 per day each, which led us to look at two things. Firstly, based on approx. €9 per 20, that is €6,570 per year between them on cigarettes! Their combined mortgage protection and personal life & specified illness planstotal €185 per month. If they were off cigarettes for 12 months, the premiums would be closer to €100 per month, saving them another €1,020. So over €7,500 could be saved every year by them giving up smoking! (Worth considering they have to earn almost €15,000 before tax and prsi to spend that much!!) Armed with this information, we did what I call my "relaxation time machine" philosophy talk, designed to help people get off cigarettes (always been a hobby and have had some great success over the years!) and today will be their 2nd day off the cigs!! I hope they stay strong (and healthy!! :wink: )


    Yes I hope so for them…

    A friend of mine gave up smoking for a month there a few weeks back , but is back on them now aaaargggghhhhhhhhhh drives me mad.

    I am an ex smoker and would NEVER go back..well maybe If I found myself childless and husbandless living back in Paris I would smoke as the 2 go together 😆 …have fond memories of smoking outside in Paris aaagh yum yum.

    Seriously though I was one HEAVY smoker, off them 8 Years thing I ever did..saved sooooo much don’t really see it granted as there is always a hole for it…we got a house on the profits of not smoking x 2


    off them 2 and half years best thing i ever did, cant stand the smell of it now

    Financial Companion

    Yeah, it can make a huge difference if you are disciplined enough to put the "smoke" money aside and use it specifically for something! I’ve seen some great things like cars bought and holidays paid for! Obviously, there is a huge health advantage as well as the financial one 😉


    My mum quit 3 years ago – after being a smoker for 40 years and her holidays (she goes on 2-3 a year!) are paid for out of what used to be her ‘cigarette money’.

    She looks about 10 years younger since she stopped too – she is just sorry now she did not quit sooner but main thing is she did and she is glad she did. So proud of her. 😀

    Financial Companion

    When my dad quit years ago after many years of smoking non-tipped cigs, we thought that at last our mam could as well, but she never did. She eventually died an awful death from a large oesophegal tumour that they attributed 100% to smoking! My dad got a good few years longer but then unfortunately alzseimers and complications took him as well.

    I have two friends who smoked from their teens but gave up a few years ago but one is still on the nicatine chewing gum and the other has the plastic replacement in her mouth most of the time 🙄


    I did smoke but gave up at 21… many many years ago!

    My dad had gotten me a car for my 18th, at 21 i wanted a new one, so i looked at what i spent on cigs and how much my car would cost, so my new car in effect paid for itself
    For about 10 years of more i still saved my 40 pounds a week, into my/our treat fund paid for some amazing 4star holidays and gifts for dh’s birthdays/christmas

    Financial Companion

    All that in 6 years since then Taylor?? 😆

    Seriously though, fair play for getting off them! I have dealt with so many over the years that couldn’t! That’s why I happily use a method to help people make that last "jump"!

    Smoking kills and you can stop! 😉


    6 years…. God you are a charmer 🙄 A feckin blind charmer 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    My father always said "oh im giving up smoking"…. well he did the day he died!!! Sad but true it does kill, dont know how people smoke, my husband included

    Someone asked me a few weeks (during the snow for a neighbour) ago to pick them up 20 cigs they gave me 10 euro, i got a few coins back in the shop and still stood there with my had out!!!
    The girl in Stafford roared laughing and said we are getting this all day from non smokers coming in buying cigs for neighbours, some nearly fainting when they find out the price!!! 😆 😆 😆 😆

    Financial Companion

    Yeah, used to see it on holidays as well where people are bringing back the packs of 200 and trying to work out if it was good value!!

    For some reason, what I hate to see most is young girls smoking 😯 Often just walking near the back of scotch hall or similar and you see them still in school uniform puffing away 🙄 They have no clue!!

    See Taylor…..another reason for not smoking……it keeps you looking young! 😆 😆


    Its in older woman that you notice who smokes and who doesnt, the smokers would have VERY DEEP lines in their faces!!!

    More young girls smoking now then every, cant understand it at all…. and then there is the smell off someone who smokes!!! Not that they can get it, but it churns my stomach


    My mum smokes a lot, and I’m always at her trying to make her stop. With no success, one of the family close friend has cancer going under chemo at the moment. Still doesn’t make her stop.

    And she complains about lack of money to go away, told her but she can’t see my point, it’s an addiction and no so easy to stop.

    But, we are not all equal with health and skin. My mum is 60 years old, smoke since she’s 15 or younger and she has less wrinckles than me! Truly.

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