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    I want to move to Bray this summer. I found a school which my child can attend. It will be St. Philomena N.S. Ravenswell in Little Bray? What or where is little Bray.

    I also need to know where would be the community welfare officer there? And would there be a website to find houses to rent?

    Thanks in advance.




    Try they have houses for rent also try

    Not sure what your situation is but if you are renting it would probably be a year lease if you are looking for a summer school???

    The welfare officer would more than likely sit in the local health board clinic in Bray or maybe ring the local information office in Bray for advice and info. Best of luck.


    I know pinkbabe lives in Bray, dont think she is on here anymore will drop her a line of facebook and see if she can help
    good luck


    I am from Bray but I don’t live there anymore.

    Little Bray refers to the area north of the bridge leading to castle street and beyond, it is an older area with a strong community spirit, close to the town and handy for shops etc. My cousin sent her children to the primary school you mentioned and found it very good.

    Bray is a great town with lots for families to do. Enquire at the social welfare office beside the train station to find out about the community welfare officer and anything else you will need. check the Bray People Newspaper for local info and rental listings.

    Good luck with the move.

    super minder

    pink babe is killiney.
    little bray is just before bray big town. there are few letting agents in bray. but daft might have a few places in bray xxxx

    good luck pet.

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