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    Ever since our son went over the handlebars of his bike a few years ago and ended up in A&E over night with a bad cut to his head, we’ve beentrying out best to get our kids to wear helmets when going on skates, bikes etc

    They often try to run out the door without them – so I was wondering, how do you get your kids to wear a helmet??

    any tips much appreciated!!


    I have a 11 yr dd and 14 yr ds-if out on bike/skates /skate board or scooter they must wear helemts—not allowed out if not wearing it..

    My dh gives out to the children beside us if not wearing Helmets..
    You only have 1 head,for gods sake mind it…


    Yes all the time.

    Not allowed out on wheels without it.

    I am quite brutal with my 9 year old.

    No helmet if you fall and bang your head you could die.
    End of


    Like HMM they know the risk.
    As well they are kids so sometimes they have tried to use their bike without, they did then bikes went in the shed for a long while not allowed to used it, and saw their friends on bikes and could not be with them.
    Now they will never think of trying going out without helmet. Harsh but had to be done. Also they see their dad and his helmet everyday as he leaves them at the bus in the morning then out to get the bus and bike, and always wear an helmet on his bike.
    Still they’ll use the flikers without helmet. It could be as dangerous as bikes, don’t know.
    They don’t have skates, but I know they minder has some but she’s really good with safety.


    Helmet for skates and flickr too


    My kids dont like bikes (so we gave them away)

    They have go karts and they dont wear helmets on these, but i do get my 4 year old to wear one on his flicker, my 7 year old doesnt and there is no way as all the other boys dont wear one! 🙄


    Mine wear them if i catch them but dh never insists on it.

    I actually bought mine two new Helmets a few weeks ago at Tesco, they were marked kids helmets but when i got them home they didnt even fit the two year old & she doesnt have a particularly big head!!! Must bring them back – another job for the list.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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