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    Just wondering do people still send Christmas cards to people or are they inclined to send a Happy christmas text or email instead. I love Christmas cards myself but think its on the decline a little………as usual Ed1 you put me to shame and your Christmas card is one of the first I get in the post :) . You’ll get mine around now I hope :oops:


    I still send christmas cards, I love getting them in the post, I think its a more personal thing, rather than a text or email.


    Me too. Im ordering personalised Christmas cards with our photo’s and sending to all my friends and family.I love to do that every year.


    Definately, love sending and receiving christmas cards. I think it is becoming a thing of the past – which is sad!!! I send about 30 but would not gethalf of that back.


    i love getting xmas cards…. I bought mine 3 or 4 weeks ago, didnt want to send in November so put them up, was to do them at the weekend but forgot 😳 😳 😳
    Too late at this stage so i will put my lovely Garry kelly cards up till next year 😳 😳 😳

    Merry Christmas and Happy new Year….. to everyone on here who i should have sent a card too 😳 😆 😆 😆


    Taylor, where can you buy the Gary kELLY cards?


    I know victor Dowds sell them, most places… i got mine in the chemist in Bryanstown 6 euro for 6, they are lovely and a good cause


    thanks a mill !


    yes i still send cards & love receiving them ..i have loads on my christmas card list but it does cahnge each year with odd few being ticked off & then new ones added…keep it in back of address book so very organised…but alwys leave til last min to get them sorted….

    but last year & thsi year i did resort to sending an email to my facebook freinds (only ones on my christmas card list) & each person i sent an email to i make a donation to Drogheda Animal Rescue…most people reply & say they like that idea…so i think my card list will get less & less each year….good in one way for the animals & environment but sad in an old fashioned way……


    That’s a great idea, Mooflower.
    I know how much you love getting cards, and we’ve being friends for years now and you never got one from me 😳 (either for Xmas or birthdays)
    but you understand me and accept it. I’m french and don’t do much cards, you’re lucky with me if you get some king a wrapping paper around presents, often it’s the dunnes or penneys paper bag just stappled….. 😳

    I have the cards just don’t send them. In France you can send your card until the 31st of january, so by the time I realise I should do my cards, it’s too late for the irish.

    So no cards for me, but the donation idea is good.

    Merry christmas to you mumstown readears,



    Just sent webtext ,to my adress book, wishing a merry christmas and saying no cards but donation to Crumlin hospital. It is the present I want for me, a donation to Crumlin (my friends know why), saving on cards and stamps will make the donation bigger.

    Received already some replies, and many are saying, great idea.
    So thank you Moonflower for the idea.

    Talk soon,


    nice ideas about the donations girls.

    i still send cards, hate writting them but like to recieve them so i do it for the receiver iykwim. send out loads but dont get half as many back, but its the giving that counts. did lovely one with pics of dd this year, even sent one to myself it was so nice!



    Got ur text this am, was inspired to do the same, thought was great idea and i suppose kinda eco friendly too. But I will still send a few "real cards", eg to man in Donnegal who wrote to me after we appeared in Irish Independent not this summer but last saying how great living in Ireland was (and I never even mentioned shopping in the north in the interview, Taylor!

    I got this great Xmas card email thing sent to me by a friend. It was a whole card that moved and a carol was sung in the background, was really lovely. So lovely in fact that I signed up and sent a few myself. I think. Does cards all year round for any occasion, cost me £11 for 2 years I think. Had some lovely comments from those who received them – and they picked them up QUICK! None of this waiting round for the post for half a year lark!


    last year l didn’t send cards as my granny died and apparently you don’t send cards when someone has passed away that year….the year before i had written all my cards but then forgot about them never got stamps then was too late, but in the end my granduncle died just after christmas, and was so upset i never sent his card, so this year i bought cards and sent out cards to the usual but once the box was finished that was it no more cards so to anyone who i never sent a card i was too scabby to buy more…

    i too like getting cards but i cut the pics off them to use for arts and for anyone who sent cards….they’re now in a box cut up… 😆 😆 😆


    I love to write and post cards and I love to receive them too. Christmas starts for me when the cards are posted out and start coming in.

    Its a nice tradition and one I hope does not die out. I do not like to receive e-cards for Christmas or birthdays, I like the effort and thought that goes into a handpicked and handwritten card.

    Thats just old fashioned me….

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