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    In today’s society there a lot of temptations out there to encourage us NOT to eat healthy. Trying to loose those few extra pounds can be a very difficult process. There is lots of exercising that can be done to help shed those unwanted pounds however with today’s busy environment it is sometimes very hard to spare that precious half an hour.. :D
    Some people rather exercise than diet in order to loose some weight…which one are you??


    i’m not one for exercise, so would prefer a diet…


    It really should be a combination of both. The exercise part does not have to be what you would consider traditional exercise, it can be walking to the shops instead of driving, parking a little further away from a destination, using stairs instead of lifts etc. I try to keep away from the phrase "diet" as it tends to imply that it’s only a temporary thing and if that’s the case, when you finish it, it’s easier to go back to old habits which will put the weight back on. I found that a few simple things like cutting right down on bread, late night junk snacks and watching portion size, while doing a little bit more walking and using stairs really worked for me, and when you do it slowly, it’s far more likely that you will keep the weight off.


    you need to do it with both, your fooling yourself doing one or the other…. the more muscle you have the morecals you body burns. I think for the long term its a package of both that will keep the weight off

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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