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    AMC-Innovation Invites Severe Asthma Sufferers to Participate in the Testing of their New Asthma Product

    AMC-Innovation, a Belfast-based start-up company, has recently commenced tests on an exciting new asthma-avoidance product in Ireland – the RespEase sleeping environment. The product enables asthma patients to sleep in an environment completely free of all common asthma triggers. Patients benefit through a better quality of life, fewer days off school or work, increased productivity, fewer visits to A&E and a lower mortality rate.

    The RespEase system is a semi-enclosed space that maintains a low internal humidity at all times, eliminating infestation by house-dust mites and desiccating (killing by drying-out) any mites transported into the environment from clothing and hair. The system features a highly efficient air filtration system, removing asthma triggers caused by animals, air pollutants (including ozone), moulds and fungi, pollen as well as smoking. The air treatment unit also prevents house-dust mites from carpets and furnishings from entering the environment.

    The patented RespEase unit is based on the latest research and represents a major advance in asthma avoidance. The unit is specifically designed for home-use by but may also be beneficial to patients with other respiratory conditions, including COPD, lung cancer and sleep-apnoea.

    AMC-Innovation currently has two RespEase prototype units available for testing. They welcome calls from interested members of the public who suffer from severe asthma and live in Ireland. The initial test period is 4-6 weeks and testers will be asked to keep a regular record of their peak flow (lung-capacity) throughout the test period.

    Initial tests are for pre-clinical trials and designed to provide the necessary information to proceed to full clinical trials in collaboration with leading asthma consultants in Northern Ireland. For more information please contact:

    Dr. Alex Cornelissen
    0044 787 6561163
    0044 2890 491778

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