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    I was pretty shocked to read about Jools Oliver openly admitting that she checks her husband Jamie’s phone & email to make sure he isnot cheating on her! She said it was ‘pretty normal’ for women to do this. It seems he has not done anything strange so she has no reason to suspect him of anything, she just randomly checks up on him.

    Er, excuse me Jools but please don’t tar all women with that brush and suggest all women do this and that it is ‘pretty normal’. I would not check my husband’s phone or email – I think that’s an intrusion of privacy.

    What do ye think – would you check up on your partner?? :?: :?:


    Some women feel it necessary to do so, especially if there has been a breakdown of trust of some sort within their relationship…. most of the time to either allay or confirm suspicions…

    In saying that if my husband wanted to check my phone or my emails, he is welcome to… and he feels the same… but then we have nothing to hide from each other…

    Personally, I feel that if you are at the stage where you are checking on your partner, you need to ask yourself why…. and why you don’t trust each other…. which means you have a much bigger problem… 🙁


    With my husband we’re laughing about it, I keep saying he can have the secrets he wants in his phone I can’t use it. I’m barelly able to answer or text with my own phone. But I trust him 200%.
    The other day he asked me to use his phone to call, he was driving, after 10 min telling me were to touch his screen still could not make a phone call. He had to dial for me and I talked (that I can 😆 ) then I said I want to check his messages just to be nosy and have a laugh.
    After 5 min I gave up, keep making GRRRRRRRRR noises and arrrrrrrh and nothing but a laugh.
    I’m not ready for a touch screen or fancy technology.

    But I believe that some persons do really check their partners phone.
    But then again, how many stories were infidility was discovered because a person kept in his/her phone a text from the person they’re having an affair with. How silly!
    Life is so much easier when you’re happy with your partner and trust him.



    Yep, I think if you are checking, there are already problems there….

    It was so surprising that she was so open about it and that she thinks its the norm! 😯


    A certain amount of respect for privacy has to be there. Not for the purpose of hiding anything, purely to allow the freedom to say something without being judged. One line of text taken out of context could be completely misinterpreted. Myself, dw and a friend were having a coffee in our house last week and we were laughing at a text dialogue between myself and the friend. If someone did not know the topic, it would have looked very strange! I remember a few years ago, one girl destroyed her surprise party that her dh had planned for months because she read a couple of texts on his phone and didn’t understand them. He had spent a fortune in time and money to try and surprise her! The breakdown in trust then went on to break the relationship! I would often say to dw, "you got a text" and she would say "what is it", I’d say "how would I know" and only if she said "will you open it for me" would I look at it.


    i’ve no probs with dh looking at my emails and or texts but he wouldn’t and vice versa unless like Hawkeye said we asked each other to – he won’t go near my hand bag unless i specifically tell him too and like the rest have said i think it’s a respect and trust thing – if you’re checking i’d be asking why?


    I often get my hubby to answer my phone or look at a text or check my email if I am not home but I know he wouldn’t do it without me asking and I would not do it to him unless he asked me to.

    I have no desire to stumble across his secret stash of porn anyways!! Just kidding, I’m sure he would never look at anything like that 😉 😉 …. LOL!!! 😆 😆 😆


    Eh no thats not normal!! I wouldnt want to look at his texts or emails or him mine, but if we did want to look at each others mails, it wouldnt be a problem. I think if you feel you need to look or check up there is a problem there.
    Saying that we have a bit of a joke in this house about my husband going away to work in Cork and coming home without this wedding ring!! 🙄 🙄 🙄 He only noticed it missing when he got home, he was working in a Clean room and he rang his work mate to check this gloves, he got a text back about 5mins later to say his ring was in the gloves in the bin! We now have a running joke when he says im working late, i always ask is she good looking 😆 😆 😆
    I think my husband would head for a round of golf than another woman, he tells me he is trying to get rid of the woman he has 😆 😆 😆


    i wouldnt feel a need to check my hubbys phone.but i have got a story about his wedding ring.he has dermatitis and his hands at times would be badly affected and his wedding ring didnt help. he kept taking it off and i told him to leave it at home or he would lose it.anyway long story short he leftit on his desk in work and it was stolen.when he rang the guards two young guards arrived one a female and he said she was smirking away as to why the ring wasnt on his finger.i can imagine what she thought!!!he was too embarassed to show his sore hands. 😳 🙄 . he never got the ring back unfortunately .


    Id only read dh texts if he is driving or something & asks me too but i am his pa when it comes to his emails & facebook, I fecking have to read them out to him & then he dictates a reply. Lol. Im the bigger ejit. he just cant be bothered answering personal emails after being working for the day, so he watches the tv & i answer the emails on the laptop on the other couch. Im always joking that ive said something / adding something into the emails that he didnt dictate!! Lol. Anyway, the point is he could never hide things via emial.

    My wedding ring got robbed about two years ago, to be honest its never really bothered either of us that i dont wear a ring anymore.


    Dh’s wedding ring is in his golf bag, it affects his swing… i ate the head off him yesterday, his ring is 2oz of white gold, i was telling him you can get 1,500 per oz for gold. If i find it off his finger again i will hid it and sell it on him 😆 😆 😆

    MaryE im the same with the emails, dh does be up to his eyes and i do his payroll and send his end of week emails to work, if he is playing golf early on a Friday he cant get his paper work done… so he gets me to do it. I reply to some emails if i can, i should get put on the payroll 😆 😆 😆

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