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    What do you think of the new way it seems to be going with hubbies going off on golf hols/drinking hols with their mates and us girls going away on shopping/sun hols with our mates?

    Is it good or bad for a relationship?


    I think if the men are just going for golf and the woman for shopping…. well then thats fine, but I know one person who is like a dog on heat when she goes away with the girls (never again is all I’d say)
    I dont think it would be good a your main holiday but an odd break away wouldnt do any harm to most couples, but some might use it to go mad 🙄 🙄 🙄


    Hi Taylor, you are a busy bee on here at night!! I am terrible, i have computer in kitchen, logged on all day, so keep popping in and out and wasting so much time really……no wonder my housework is building up!!

    My hubby has been on a few golf/stag weekends recently and one of his mates took his wedding ring off on the night out!! But guess what….when i went to the hen night….which was just a girly night in (great fun though) i had photos of stag night with me that hubby had taken to show my sis in law………….( long story…but they got him a stripper and he was so embarassed and the photos are so funny!)and the wife of the mate who took wedding ring off spotted it in a photo, it would never of crossed my mind to check, but she obviously has some suspicions!!


    i would not mind the odd stag or hen night but would not like him going away just for a holiday with his friends.


    have to say i wouldn’t be worried about the odd weekend here & there but not main holiday – unless it was a once off thing.
    I’m going away with the girls in Nov(for 1 night) and dh will probably go home to L’pool for a weekend before xmas but i would definitely prefer our main holiday to be as a family –


    although i am single, id be in the same mind frame as the rest of ye, if i waspart of a couple, i would definatley want a proper holiday, the odd stag or weekends away wouldnt bother me but not a week or two in the sun 🙂


    I’d say the same. If he really wanted to go to something over a weekend that I wasn’t that keen on (like rugby or suchlike) then he can rather go with friends and I’d go somewhere myself when it suited. Although with the number of business trips dh has been on lately, he had better not even ask 👿

    But no way would I be up for a seperate main holiday!


    I agree with all the others have said. The odd night or weekend away seperately,

    I don’t see a problem with but the main holiday should be spent together as a family, after all, that’s what marriage is about!

    Otherwise why bother getting married.


    Well, i’m going to throw a spanner in the works, cos I go on my main holiday every year with my mum and leave him at home. We try to get an odd weekend away or city break together and he generally goes away for a long weekend with the lads.

    I guess that what works for one person will not work for another. It works for us cos we are both independent, plus he hates the sun and I love it !! Its good to get time away from one another cos you appreciate when you get home.


    well in saying that dino, i went on hols last year and my mam came with me and j and left me dad at home 🙂 🙂 🙂 they married 28 years so i guess she was allowed to go 🙂


    my mam goes away about 4 times on her own and then with my dad dont mind him going on stag weekends but only once a yr i went to germany last yr for a couple of days and i hated it coz i had to carry my own bags 🙄 id kill him if he even thought about asking could he go on asun holiday for a week with the lads while im at home with dd 👿


    I think it is a good idea to do seperate weekends away I know a weekend shopping trip could be the death of some relationships. Once there is trust in the relationship I can’t see the prob. If someone wants to stray they can do it round the corner.


    My dh went to Portugal golfing for a week, him and about 10 lads, they golfed for about 4/5 days and were shattered. But I know other fellas who go golfing and golf 2 days and party party party.
    Its all about trust, I trust my dh and he trusts me. So what ever works for you.
    I did work with men who took their wedding rings off on weekends away etc… plonkers 🙄


    :lol I like to have male company on holiday so I wouldnt holiday alone in a relationship


    The word slapper springs to mind!

    If I went away for 2 weeks alone, I think, NO I KNOW that no other man could fill the space of my husband, I could do without sex and if I wanted a cuddle in bed I bring a teddy 🙄 🙄 🙄
    Why get married if any man would float your boat, but horses for courses. I wouldnt have a nuns holiday by no means, I know how to enjoy myself and conduct myself in male company without jumping their bones 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 Hope on your next holiday you dont bring home some extra baggage and I dont mean in your suitcase, did you ever think of AIDS or STD’s and all because you were lonely 🙄 🙄 🙄

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