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    I have sons only and wouldn’t know much about girl shoes :-) but what Ive always looked for was light weight and a good balance. Penney are the worst in my opinion, their shoes weight a ton :-)). I remember buying these really cute looking trainers for my little guy and he could barely walk in them. I now try sports shops when they do sales and their great. I bought a nice pair of adidas trainers from shop street in Drogheda for E20, they’re light and fit perfect. Just keep an eye on sales.


    Hi, so far Hailey has had a pair of prewalkers from Clarks €20 & she is currently on her first pair of real shoes €45 (she is 21 months old)….the thing is I cant keep this spend up if its every 3-4 what I’m wondering is, does anywhere else measure kids feet?…..any other good quality cheaper options around?.

    I mean id happily buy from Dunnes, Pennys or wherever, I just want to be 100% that they fit her properly as I don’t want to do her feet any damage as they are growing.


    I think Dunnes, M&S and Next are very good for shoes. I got some fab shoes for my toddler in Dunnes this week for 10 euro and plan to get her some boots there too when the weather is a bit colder. Or I may get the boots in Next, their shoes are usually excellent quality and they have a measuring foot thingy in the shop, so you can be sure you are getting the right fit.

    Barratt’s does wide fitting shoes in their Startrite range, incase you need a wide fit for her and they are quite good quality and not as expensive as Clarks.

    I don’t usually buy shoes from Penney’s for my kids, I don’t think the quality is great (or maybe its just because my kids are very active & can be hard on shoes that they break them quite easily!!)

    I used to go to Clark’s all the time when they were small and we could afford it but over the past few years, we’ve looked at other shops and I think Dunnes and Next are really good. Tesco also has good shoes in sometimes, worth a look in there too.

    HTH 😀


    I don’t think there is a need really – my two have got Clarks shoes for the first few pairs and they were fine.. but I see nothing wrong with Dunnes or M&S..

    Penneys are not great but the are ideal for ‘fashion occasional wear’ shoes.

    Shaws do a small selection of kids shoes too, they are great..


    I find the selection of boys clarks shoes to be awful, i just think they look terrible. I had them for my daughter when she first walked as her foot was turning in slightly and we were advised that they were best shoes for helping correct it. If you really wanted to get them its worth going as far as Kildare village off m7 as the clarks shoe there sells them for half price or less. I often got my daughters there!


    the important thing for little feet is to make sure
    a: a good fit
    b: arch support if at all possible (my dd is slightly flat footed clarks actually have no arch support – paboskli is a good range, petasil I think is the other)
    c: good ankle support

    My dd1 has been going to a therapist since she was 3 because of her feet and the above are what we’ve been told. Not all Dunnes/next shoes offer this but if you keep that in mind when buying some of their shoes are really good.
    I would always get dd1 good shoes & runners with proper arch support for school as she wears them the most.


    Personally, my viewpoint is that the best thing for your feet, or those of your children, is for them to go barefoot. Yes, I understand that we are in Ireland…. but, when indoors…. grippy socks or barefoot…. helps them to balance correctly…., supposedly good for memory and a whole lot of other fabulous things. Obviously when outside, its a different story, but so many shoes for kids are so badly made that they don’t have the flexibility of the sole… which is what kids need. We spend most of our time barefoot in the house… and yes, I know that its a cultural thing too… but thats the way kids on our side of the world would have grown up…


    Thanks for the replies ladies.

    I do actually have her in those gripper socks when she is indoors,she rarely has shoes on indoors at all as i had heard that barefoot is best alright for growing feet.


    we do the same at home barefoot /bedtime socks as mine call them all the time


    I normally get their feet measured in victor dwyers or Clarks and then I shop around for best value shoes. My dd is a demon on shoes . She goes out in a new pair and two hours later they look like she’s had them for months. So I do not spend a fortune on her shoes . Also as there feet are growing so fast you would need a bank behind you spending 50 euro each time they need shoes. Good support for ankle and arches and scuff proof are a must for me after that I don’t mind what brand they are once I’m getting value for money and their feet are supported.

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