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    Hi All, I really need some help. We have managed to loose my little girls favourite little dog that she has had since she was a baby. He is a scruffy Jellycat Jumperjack puppy who is wearing a wool jacket. Hopefully I will manage to upload a picture. Needless to say there have been many tears not all of them dd’s!

    I think he was lost sometime at the beginning of the week. I have been in nearly every shop in Drogheda asking but to no avail.If you hav seen him, please please contact me. Thanks ever so.


    Ps, No I cannot seem to upload a pic. Can I have a tutorial as well please?


    Panic Over! Thank goodness. Our neighbour found him. Wet and grubby but it is him. Joey, thanks for your link. He is very similar to our own -much cleaner of course! I found another one on a different website and ordered it but nothing will compare to the original. At least I have a spare.

    Now I feel really daft but thelook on the child’s face when she seen him this morning was priceless! He shall have to be held under house arrest. 😀
    Shauna x


    Brilliant news…. the spare is a good idea


    great to hear you’ve got him back, my little boy has a jelly cat dog too we got a spare just incase he lost it but his sister claimed it…..they won’t sleep without them
    i bet your dd is happy to have him back


    Can really identify with the panic. Our two each have a ‘buddy’ & my bloodpressure rises if one is misplaced. Bedtime becomes a nightmare. Consolation is impossible. People understand & are really so helpful. I have a doll I got the Christmas before I was 3 & she’s upstairs still – really battered though! And my mother-in-law has the husband’s ‘buddy’ too! He’s 46!! Delighted there was a happy ending.

    If any techno people out there looking for a business idea – some kind of locator device for teddies would be brill. Parents would pay ridiculpus amounts for it. If they can do it for a car…….

    On a less high tech note, but keeping with the topic: I had a key ring once & if you whistled, it whistled back. Something like that would be great if ‘buddy’ was hiding someplace unusual – like in a welly in the utlility room…. 🙂 – or in the fridge….. 🙄 ) Kids!!!!

    Pass on the suggestion if you know any inventor types!!


    Learnt my lesson ‘at last’ for my last little boy. His brother had a blanket he loved and it went everywhere…got called his ‘manky blanky’…exactly -it was so grubby and a big deal to get it, wash it, dry it and have it back in his bed for morning. So bought bout 5 cheapy blankets in Pennys this time and my little boy loves his blanky also, but this time no fear of not having spares. 😀


    mummy5 we did the same with little cot sheets, its called sheety! Ds1 still brings it everywhere but it doesnt leave the car, its jsut for going asleep… we had about 5 sheets, but one has a ribbed edge and ds1 calls it "the soft bit" so really only 1 special sheet… i dont know which one had the soft bit, so i have to had him sheet after sheet until he finds it 😈 😆 😆 😆


    dd has a teddy since she was baby brings it to bed with her every night used to bring it everywhere until she nearly let it fall in the boyne i really have to get a spare just in case. we had to go look for it in a skip one night cause she said he fell in he was in her bed all along 😳


    Nicky, thats funny about looking in a skip…the things we do for our children eh?

    Mummy5 – great idea about 5 blankets. As for ‘manky blanky’…hilarious!!

    Our daughter has a dolly she takes to bed every night. she lost it one day while we were out and about and we retraced our steps and looked everywhere but no joy, could not find it. She would not sleep without it so had to get ourselves up to Smyth’s the next day for a new one. Lesson learned – now its not allowed leave the house! 🙄


    yep it was my mum couldn’t get off the floor laughing 😆 😆

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