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    Hi all am hoping to book a 3 night break for me hubby and four kids to disney
    even with all the SPECIAL offers its still works out quite expensive,
    SO was sussing out how expensive is it when you get their, and are their any money saving tips from people who have been before. Thanks x x


    Plenty of cheaper options.
    But you’ll have to book all separate.

    Don’t stay in Disney hotel, outside there is plenty and bus or train (easy acces) to go to park

    parc : they always have 3 days for 2 on the french pages, you’ll print out your ticket. Don’t have that offer on english pages.
    or even off season itwas 36E/day/pers for 1 parc.
    even if it’s in french it’s easy to understand day = jour
    go on english page to visit website then book with french, we paid with irish credit card no prob.

    if you rent a car car park 8E/day

    fly with aerlingus or any compagny but Ryanair and from airport C de Gaulle direct train to disney.
    With ryanair not so easy but doable.

    Or off season ferry then you have your car no need to rent and can bring wine back.
    and kids habe fun in boat, but it;s long.

    1 or 2 park it depends on kids age.

    ask you questions I’ll answer them.



    Book your TGV train ticket online before u go, cost us about 80 euro 4 return trip for family of 4 with 1 under 3 on 1st leg, is expensive but takes about 15 mins – there’s no point doing anything else other than fly to CDG (which is total nihtmare airport, EXTREMELY French in layout and so virtually impossible to understand – sorry Fab) then get the TCV train link out there – anything else is ultra long, complicated and u don’t save that much.

    There is no room really to store luggage on the tgv when u on a short trip, bear that in mind when packing.

    Ultra expensive to eat in the parks, scavenge at breakfast and take rolls, yoghurts fruit etc with u from breakfast – every1 is doing it.

    If u stayin in a Disney Hotel, see if ur ticket lets u in ealy, some do 2 hrs before park opens to gen public BUT, not many of the good rides are open then, only teac cups style things so good if ur kids young.

    Stay for shows and parades, they are magical, get timetables for these just after u go thru entrance and plan ur time thre carefully in total so you make sure you see each parade or show as none are to be missed – all spectacular


    Hi Liz – we were there in August – 2 adults 2 kids (7 mth and 2 yr old). We flew aer lingus to CDG. Got the TGV (train) from CDG to Marne La Vallee station (thats the station in Disney land). Stayed in apts 1 km walk from Disney land – lovely walk with buggys – fraction of the price of Disney land hotels – apts were called Adagio Val D’Europe which is next door to hugh shopping precinct and lovely plaza with restaurants to the front . We booked everything at home here including our disney land passes. Our DD has anut allergy so we ate in the park on the days we were there (some restaurants have allergen free meals and its great peace of mind) we found it reasonable enough to eat there ourselves. We booked flights, accommodation, passes from home. Bought our train tickets at the station there. As HJS says travel light but once you plan it well in advance from home – piece of cake!!! Enjoy – you’ll have a great time.


    Another thing about eating in the parks, you struggle to find too much in the way of fresh, nutritious snacks, eg nowhere to buy fruit etc, you can buy extotionately priced water though.

    We were there at Xmas and thought it v exp to eat/drink for what you got – eg 2 bottles of water and a tub f popcorn in the park = 12euro. 4 panninis, 2 soft and 2 alcoholic drinks = best part 65/70 euro, but that was in the pink palace (called "DisneyLand"? dunno) hotel 3 steps from park entrance, so maybe were paying a premium.

    On that subject, IF you can be really savvy and find a deal there (we were told Feb is their quietest, cheapest time), it is invaluable being able to wander in and out of hotel and park at ur leisure we found. Great to be able to be there early as itopened and stay late as it closed nipping back and forth to room all the time with weary kids able to nap in bed as they liked – made it more manageable to spend from 8am-10pm in the place. Also if u stay there, the characters r around at mealtimes so u don’t have to q up 4 photos with them in the parks. It’s a long day there if u stay in the parks all in 1 go cos u feel u have to make the most of it


    This web site is extremely good..


    Loads of answers to any questions there.

    My one main tip is rent strollers for any kids under 8 even if they havent used one is 5 years…my dd age 6 begged for one last year on the last day..so this year we rented one every day, she went round in luxury and we had somewhere to hang stuff. The stroller place is just inside the park entrance on the right hand side.

    T.G.V is great..don’t worry to much about the space issue we had 2 large cases and a big wheelie and managed without drama ..
    ( If booking at C.DG. ask for a lower carriage and at the back..more space there). It is the quickest way to get to the park by far although the Disney Shuttle from C.D.G is handy too..probably more so if you have kids in tow, less of a wait than if you have just missed a T.G.V the wait can be longish.

    Don’t find yourselves lost and panicky at the airport just ask for directions immediately, most staff at the airport would speak English especially at the Info desk..

    I would not consider staying at hotel outside of the park, trust me you will be absolutely knackered and the last thing you want to do is trek off back on the train or god forbid walk to Val D’ Europe.

    Hotels outside Disney may be cheaper but it isn’t worth the savings. If you must go down the staying off site route check out hotels in Magny – Le Hongre or, Serris or those with a shuttle bus access directly to the Park.

    I feel that staying inside the complex keeps the whole Disney Magic for the duration of your stay!

    To Budget during your stay, allow yourselves a strict budget for Merchandising and make sure the kids stick too it, stuff is very expensive.

    As was already mentioned do a good pack up from Breakfast, you can stock up there on fruit etc and rolls cheese ham etc. Bring a medium size freezer bag ..loads of people do this .

    Try and go off season as you want to pack in as much as possible, I would never go near the place at Summer, …if you can wait go late in the year as you will get on a lot more attractions without queueing. The max time we waited for any attraction was 5 mins!! We rode Big Thunder Mountain 6 times in a row in one go, and Pirates of the Carribean as many times as we wanted to stay on..it was the same for most of the attractions.


    The DisneyLand Hotel is extremely expensive and you are definately paying a premium on everything in it.

    Having stayed at every hotel in the Park at some stage including the Disneyland Hotel.. I can tell you they are all more or less the same size wise unless you have a suite..and aside from the Disney Land Hotel ( which is getting more similar food wise to the others these days) all serve the same food ..

    DIsneyland hotel is great for being able to nip back during the day defiantely though that could be a huge draw but I wouldn’t be sure it would be worth the massive price difference between that and the Santa Fe/ Cheyenne.

    Fab to have the characters round for meal times definately though this can also be done at Cafe Mickey in Disney Village.. and each hotel has characters who are regularly there in the lobby.

    For little girls a meal in the Auberge De Cendrillon is well worth blowing the Budget for as Disney Princess come around and chat , dance etc..

    Toad Hall , Colonel Hattiis Pizza Outpost and Cowboy Cookouts are the best counter service restaurants, and the salad bowls with or without meat served at most places are delicious. ( Pretty much all food places are more or less the same price)


    Disneyland Hotel Sensational – well woth every penny and not that horrifically more expensive than the other Disney hotels if u bearin in mind the whole package

    Swimming pool and spa in there brilliant, watching the fireworks display from the balcony and the princess for a day experience terrific in there also. At Christmas the atmosphere with the tree, decs and all the little extras my two got for it being their birthdays as well spectacular – I couldn’t fault it in anyway and won’t stay anywhere else should I go again (St Patrick’s Day 2011) as the convenience of being on site I’d have paid three times the price for although we didn’t realise how much of an advantage that’d be before we got there. But then again that cos ds a real livewire, but then again with 4 kids u could find it advantageous to split into to parties or more with naps at the hotel dep on ages of kids? I dunno…

    Meals in the restaurants in there (I was describing the Cafe Fantasia in earlier post) really expensive but reportedly top class so there is variety choice available in the diff hotels dep on what u want really

    Found that food there in parks when not cooked (eg pizza etc) kinda more garnish than anything so not a whole loada fresh.

    Having said that, as you know it not gonna be a cheap cheap do, there are defo ways of minimsing expenditure as myself and other posters have indicated. Are aer lingus doing any Paris specials at the moment? Sure I saw that they were advertising a sale last night? Make sure you get the right hotel for the kids stay free and all meals free deal if u doin that deal when bookin online cos not all the Disney Hotels are always doin that.

    HTH and have a ball!


    If you have a look on the Disneyland Paris web site you will get lots of ideas..

    The other DIsney Hotels are very well served by extremely regular shuttle busses or are a short walk through DIsney Village.

    Try and get one of the all the meals for free deals if you are on a budget cos at least then you know thats sorted, but as other posters have said ..food not particularly healthy but it won’t kill you for 3 days…

    Patricks day in Disney ..great fun lots of Green MIckeys 😆 thats how I used to remember it anyway…or maybe that was somewhere else 😆

    Still wouldn’t go near the place as a tourist on or around any holiday/ summer/ weekend/ though….we messed up last year and forgot Armistice day is aBank Holiday in France..the place was black..total waste of a day.

    As has been said Xmas there is lovely and that season runs from November 10th ish thru to early Jan. JUst avoid Nov 11th.


    Space IS an issue on the TGV I suspect if 2 adults and 4 kids travelling, potentially with a buggy? Not knowing the ages of children involved. As long as you are prepared for that fact you will be fine. There are storage areas inside the coaches between the seats for sure, but as your journey is not any more than 15 mins, be careful of struggling in with bags, kids, buggies to your seat, ramming bags wherever and then having to get immediately up again. Just beware is all I’m saying.

    Do go though and have a ball. You will be thrilled that you’ve done it, will had made lifetime memories that all will cherish and will never forget the expressions on the kids’ faces!

    Let us know how you go on!


    That thing about holiday dates worth remembering – though think Dec 8th a public hol in France – not certain, you’d have to check – and it wasn’t too bad when we there. Would be v cold tho til Marchish I reckon now…


    YOU GIRLS KNOW so glad i asked, lots for me to look at now thanks a mill let you know how i get on x x x


    8th dec no a bank holiday in France.


    hi I looking for september , hotel 😉 on booking .com, explorers looks good, was going book arelingus for flys , special with kids their will b no delays w them get prices in round 300 for 4 of us 4 day 3 nights 4 flys hotel 319-
    dont no about park pass yet


    Explorers is a lovely hotel, not a Disney Hotel assuch but kinda endorsed by Disney and is only 5/10 minutes or so ride on a shuttle bus direct to the park.

    Bigger sized rooms than the Disney hotels.

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