Disgusting boys???

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    I just spent 2 hours cleaning our 9 year old son’s bedroom and reckon I may have made some scientific discoveries with some of the things that were growing under his bed!!

    His room is so messy and dirty, I don’t actually know how he manages it, his sisters share a bedroom and it is nowhere near as bad – he is such a typical boy, smelly socks everywhere (and I mean everywhere!), sweet wrappers under his pillows, books and games strewn all over the place and who knows what growing under his bed.

    I dread what it will be like when he is a teenager….think I need to go take a shower after it :oops: :oops:


    Now now Sabbi, not all boys are disgusting.

    My 5 and 3 year old boys share a room and I have to say that once a week they both tidy up their room brilliantly. Each night before they go to bed they tidy away their stuff into their toy boxes then give it the main overhaul each week.

    My daughter on the other hand is a different kettle of fish. She would rather sleep on the floor than tidy her bed!

    Unreal for a girl I think ?!

    But at the end of the day I wouldnt change her for world 😀


    Sabbi i was talking to him at the soccer camp last week, he is a dote….. well a dirty dote in this case.
    My two do keep there room kinda tidy, in a lived in sort of way, i have the sock problem ds1 takes off his socks and never puts them in the basket!!
    I did get a huge shock the other day, i found a little hard lump on his bed the other day, i asked what this was and he got red and ignored me, after pushing him a bit he told me he was sorry and he will never do it again…. then told me it was a snot!!!!! WTF He said he picked it and had nowhere to put it…. blugh!!! Boys will be boys 🙄 🙄 🙄


    misemammy my 5yr old girl has a double bed and by times i can’t find her in it she has that much stuff in the bed with her – socks, teddy’s, books, dolls, found her wrapped in a towel the other night, we did a big clean up yesterday and i’m hoping she’ll keep it tidy……….at least for a little while.
    Funny my younger dd’s room (not quiet 3) she does actually keep her room tidier than the older girl
    in fairness my pair are still quiet young 😉


    my girls are quite good, they do make an effort to clean up, especially the 7 year old but my little guy is a muckbird. Wouldn’t change him though – well, apart from getting him to occasionally put his dirty washing the wash basket instead of shoving it under his bed or back into his wardrobe when the clothes are covered in muck!! 😆


    My five yr old ds is a dirty little git!!! He is so lazy – if he has anything to eat or drink, he will stick the wrapper/cup/plate under the chair, cushion or whatever is nearby rather than walking to the bin.

    On Saturday, we had a major clean out(argument) in his bedroom. Like yours Sabbi, there were all sorts of things thrown under the bed. He had even taken a bin from the bathroom and emptied that under the bed to see if there was anything interesting in it. I also found my nintendo and usually find makeup that he has been trying on – though none this time.

    Yesterday, after emptying the contents of the toy boxes all over the place – he actually tidied both his room and his sisters – I was amazed, he actually did a great job.

    He does go through his phases – some days he will offer to empty the dish washer, hang washing and do jobs for me. Others he is a nightmare.

    I do think he does chances his arm to see how much or little he can get away with!

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