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    we have a discount code which when entered at check out will give you 20% discount on our Winter Collection only. Enter the code HCFP. All our changing bags are also half price. As well as that you can pick up a great outift for babies from new born to 6 months for under €20- happy shopping!!!


    The clothes on the website are really lovely. My friend is due a baby in the new year, I think I’ll order from here. Its really nice.


    Cheers Sabbi,
    lovely to hear you like them, the colours are really great in the collection and we a have a regular database of customers that have bought from us for the last 4 seasons running. I get great remarks about the quality and that they wash really well- not trying to blow my trumpet but they do wear very well. If you let me know when you need to buy for a new baby you can let me know girl/ boy? and I can suggest a good full outfit, even a set of hat, scarf and mits makes a really cute gift, there’s loads of stuff on the site for new babies at really good bargains. Anyways thanks for the kind words again and tell all your friends 🙂


    gorgeous stuff on there 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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