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    Anyone watching the great fish fight thing (ch 4 9pm)with Hugh FW (wont tell u what my dh says those letters stand for, but its not Fearnley Whittingstall and the second word would be "wit"!)?

    I am aghast at what discard actually is and how European Fishing Policy is creating it. The fishewrmen know about stock levels of certain breeds being endangered, but also know how to fix it – fish for a certain no of days only per season but land EVERYTHING they catch, rather than the MILLIONS of tonnes of dead fish they have to lob back over the side cos it not wot they quota’d to catch on thattrip at that time effectively. The biggest example of this lunacy i saw was i think Hastings on south coast of englan, where fleet went out, allowed to catch only a certaintype fish (can’t remember, say it was plaice), anything else they caught had to be jibbed back in sea, and so the local chippy, not 50 paces from the sea, was not able to use the loadsa cod its local fllet had caught, but was buying in, wait for it, NORTH SEA COD FISHED BY SCOTTISH BOATS FECKIN 900 MILES NORTH!!!!!!!! I no political expert, but that is just nuts, surely…!?

    So 1 of the solutions app is to diversify in our fish choices, not always be buyin cod/haddock, so now I am on a mission to buy more local (to our islands, I should say, for ex I do eat tuna staeks a lot but u don’t find many of them off the Dublin Bay) fish like coley, anyone any recommendations of where?


    There is a nice "Fish shop" on Stockwell street, also a lovely shop on the pier at Clogherhead ( don’t get fresher than that!) when I buy fish there we ask for some fish heads in a bag and dd throws them in to the sea to attract the seals up..

    A nice trip out at the same time as buying local fab fish

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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