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    Now that my bump is getting more obvious I have noticed that when mostly women aged between 55-80 see my bump they then automatically look at my wedding ring finger & when they dont see a ring they make a disapproving face.I just find it really mental in this day & age that people still think its not right to be unmarried & pregnant.

    Its not as if im 16!, im 35 & this baby was planned for over a year with my partner,I just dont fancy getting married,I never have.i dont think the bit of paper would make us more commited to eachother than we are already.

    Have any other unmarried pregnant women noticed people checking out their wedding ring finger?…………



    I know what you mean….has happened to me in the past on previous pregnancies. At the moment I am pregnant too and cannot actually wear my wedding ring because my fingers are too swollen – so the chances are, even if you had a wedding ring, it would not be on you for much longer anyway! I must keep an eye out and see if I get any looks for not having one on myself….

    Although, there is a chance they might be looking at you and thinking your hands are swollen and that’s why you have no ring on? Or as you say, there might be a few busy bodies among them who are passing judgement.

    Whatever the reason – DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT – you cannot be worrying about other people prejudices. It is nobody’s business but yours about your marital status – as long as you are happy and supported in your pregnancy, that’s the main thing.

    Chin up!

    And hey it could be worse, I had a sip of my husband’s beer at a BBQ a few weeks ago (and I mean a sip – not a glass – just a taste) and I had a man say to me that I was damaging my unborn child!! Ah, don’t you just love the pregnancy police (often men) who feel they have carte blanche and can say whatever they like to a woman who is pregnant??!!


    oh how annoying, people really pass judgement on everything…

    when you are pregnant and not married they are wondering when are you getting married…and when you are married they are wondering when you are having a baby..

    think people just like to look at others and pass comment…sad really..

    enjoy your pregnancy and forget about busy bodies….


    I get this ALL the time…
    Im 22 (although look alot younger) and have two children, although I dont bring them out at the same time as I dont have a double buggy.
    But if I have one of them with me I always get dirty looks or things said to me!! At first it bothered me but now I just shrug it off!


    Ah, feck them!! They will be the same aul biddies that will give you dirty looks when your baby is crying or when your toddler is having a tantrum…not worth wasting your energy on!! 🙄

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