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    Dunno if I spelt that right but anyone any info ???

    Got a call from x’s mother to say x’s heart condition is hereditary & I should get kids checked out

    I am majorly freeked out as I have a heart murmer after surgery to correct a leaking valve when I was a baby so with this news there seems to be heart complaints on both sides.

    I have made a doctors appointment to ask a million questions & get a referal to a cardiologist on Monday



    No advice forya pink, but good luck at the appointment, at least the doctor will be able to answer any questions you have, and hopefully put your mind at ease. Let us know how u get on.



    course I will Trixie

    I tried googling it but no luck i obviously can’t spell 😳


    just found

    All our heart proteins are coded by genes that we inherit from our parents. In the last decade, careful screening of families of DCM patients has shown mild abnormalities in at least a third of relatives, most of whom have no symptoms. There are as yet no good predictors as to who in a family might develop DCM. Family screening, with simple non-invasive ECG and echo tests, is usually offered to close relatives when a patient is first diagnosed with DCM. Gene tests are being developed but no simple test exists at present.


    sorry pink, just reading back my post – I meant to say "info" not "advice" 😳


    no probs hun i got the jist of it 🙂


    pink dont have and advice for you but hope the smallies will be ok …try not to worry untill you see the doctor and he can explain it ot you … thinking of you ((((((((((((HUGs))))))))))))))))))))


    Hi There Pinkbabe,

    Hope all go’s well with the Cardiologist, do u know who r seen yet?? I know what the waiting game feels like! I am back with the Cardiologist, with my 2 lads in feb to see if

    1. 1st lad tumors on the heart r going, going gone!!!!!!
    2. 2nd lad for his heart murmer!!!!

    If you would like the name, its Dr. D Coleman in Crumlin, he is the biz!!

    Hope you get good news………. 🙂



    All my fingers & toes crossed for you & your lil’ ones Pinkbabe!


    I am going to see my GP tomorrow so hopefully I will get a referal to crumlin (they sorted my heart there)

    I will let u all know how I get on

    & thanks girlies


    hope all goes well today Pink x


    Hi Pinkbabe,

    I work for the Irish Heart Foundation but in the fundraising department so can’t be of any help myself. However we do have a Helpline number where you can ask the nurses who are specialists in this field anything you like. Its Lo call and the number is 1890 432 787 Mon – Fri 10am to 5pm.

    Hope this helps x


    Pink how did the doctors visit go? Are your more informed about the condition?


    Cheers Jmum I will def give them a call tomorrow 🙂

    I am a bit more informed I think, dr said no rush to get him checked but me being me made an appointment for him to see GP again Wed 23rd she wants to have a ‘little listen’ to his heart but he is very chesty @ min so wants to wait til that clears

    She said I could leave it for a few years as it seems to be something that effects older children & adults but has been linked to sudden adult death syndrom so when I said I want it checked NOW she made the appointment for next week & will see if he needs a referal then

    Thanks for thinking about us girlies


    my god pink i hope alll will be ok….so sorry…..bug hug to you/

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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