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    Woo hoo very proud of myself, for getting myself to a Dentist this a.m …things had got so bad with a tooth hanging out :lol: that I knew I had to over come my fear finally and go….( the fear of dh eating all the chocs at Xmas out weighed my Dentist fear in the end)

    Sadly after getting all numbed up she couldnt take it out as some of the aneasthetic wasn’t working as there was an infection in my tooth so she will do it later in the week after I have taken some antibiotics :D

    She had a look round the rest of my mouth..its not as bad as I thought, I imagined every tooth in my head would need pulling but I only need 3 or 4 fillings and another possible extraction, so I will go in the New Year and get the rest done ..promise :D


    Who did you end up going to?


    well done HMM having a fear of dentists myself i know that wasn’t easy! 😉


    I went to Elaine Macann she is the mam of one of dd’s school mates, she is up in Dundalk..should have gone to her before..I felt so at ease..

    Will get the tooth out Thursday


    I’ve got to find someone to go to pretty urgently as my filling has fallen out… and the dentist I went to here… retired…. and I’m a HORRIFIC patient… so was thinking of ~Balbriggan Dental…. anyone else have anyone I could get into virtually immediately….? I wouldn’t even know where Dundalk is… 😳 never mind where the dentist is…. shocking I know!


    Oh Hmm i know how you feel about the dentist, I had to go for the first time when i was pregnant with ds i only had a week left and to go and my tooth broke, so had to face the fear, I was sobbing like a baby in the dentists chair, and all he had to do was give me a filling 😳 😳 went back to him twice in the week leading up to having DS. he retired there last summer and another tooth broke a few weeks back and im trying to pluck up the courage before i end up loosing the tooth 😳


    Just go for it Lisa, I am so glad I went ..even though she didn’t do much today, I feel like I have conquered my fear a little bit..although my last Dentist was nice and kind I didn’t gel with him..now I am very happy.

    It made a huge difference to me being looked after by some one I know personally and she explained everything …I kind of felt empowered in a way.. she didn’t rush..normally I feel like treatment is rushed and feel helpless to whatever they are doing, but she took it in baby steps…

    Will definately be following up treatment in the New Year..maybe one thing a month..to spread the cost.

    If I would have left this much longer I know I would have been in agony over Xmas..treatment may mean a few less presents for a few people this Xmas but F*ck it I am fed up of putting myself last under a very very tall pile of every one else..The New Year I am going to make promises to myself…that is another thread…


    Chewie, if you are going to Balbriggan Dental (who I would definitely recommend) ask for James. He is so sweet and is really calm and lovely. I have a crazy, irrational fear of dentists (stems from the horror of a school dentist we had when we were at school, honestly, he was sooo scary!) so I carried this fear with me into adult hood.

    I know it makes no sense, I know I have nothing to be afraid of but my legs turn to jelly when I walk into that dentist office and I literally need someone who will calm me down and explain everything to me so I am not sweating up a storm in a state of panic!

    James is so patient and kind and he does not make me feel silly for being afraid…aside from being lovely, he is a very competent dentist and they are reasonably priced in there too.

    They cover some treatments with medical and gp cards I think too, so worth a go but make sure to ask for James, he seems to the be the one us scaredy cats all go to!!


    Well done HMM!

    Chewodie i went to Wheaton Hall, was seen in a few days, nice dentist and they have evening appointments


    Well done HMM, I have a fear myself and each year for my check up its not easy, but thankfully always fine (touch wood!)… it helps when you feel at ease with the dentist.. I go to Cormac Reynolds, he is fantastic.


    Woo hoo I am back from the tooth extraction, all went well today..was completely numb as the infection had settled and she pulled it out 😆 😆 didnt feel anything but pressure.. treated her and her assistant to a delightfull hummed rendition of Oh Come All Ye Faithfull 😆 😆 😆

    So glad I have conquered my fear and I look forward to getting the rest of my treatment done in the new year 😀

    Still very numb and I am sure it will be sore later on but at least its gone I will be on top eating form for XMAS 😀



    double post


    Well, I am back now…. went to Balbriggan Dental, and I have to say, I was seen by Anna…. gotta go back during the week, and then have things done in the new year.
    But for someone like me who would rather give birth than sit in a dentist’s chair….
    She was brilliant….
    Surgery was lovely, clean, her assistant had a great sense of humour….
    Yes, feeling MUCH better…..


    why do we all have such a fear of the dentist????? I really would give birth than go to a dentist given a choice. Never had a real bad experience…well except as a child being brought to a local dentist who I heard was nicknamed ‘the butcher’ 😯 Maybe that did it for me!

    Go to a lovely dentist now in Ardee and not a bother, but still have THE FEAR!.


    Dentists themselves are not oblivious to the idea that they are one of the most unloved medical practitioners. However, they also know of the truth that when their patients cannot stand their toothache any longer they are eventually left with no choice but to have their teeth examined. You may not avoid your dentist forever, but there is a practical way to reduce painfully necessary visits.

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