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    Was shocked and saddened to hear on the radio today about those 4 poor teenagers in Cork who were snowboarding when they crashed into a tree.

    One of the 14 year old girls died and the other 3 are in serious condition in Cork University Hospital. Its awful for their families, such a freak accident for them to have been so badly hurt, they were just kids out playing in the snow, you would not think it could be so dangerous. … 86274.html


    Terrible, it could be any child anywhere in the country…. just having some fun and being kids…. the fecker throwing snowballs at cars etc are up to no good, this kids were just having fun!!
    The car Crash in Dunleer has left me in total shock…. again it would have been any family out for a drive, wiped out in a split second.
    I will pray for them all and please please keep safe, if you dont have to drive dont!!! Will it matter if the kids miss a day in school tomorrow, keeping them safe and alive is the most important thing

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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