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    We went to see Des Bishop in the TLT on Saturday & he was brilliant. Laughed so much, great for the soul. Fairly rude but so funny.

    He certainly knew how to sort out the hecklers too. One large group on women arrived about 30/40 minutes late & marched up to the second row, he gave them all a bit of a slagging ( well deserved) but one ofthem was getting stroppy & wouldnt shut up talking & heckling. The banter between the two of the was funny but Des got the better of her & shut her up. Then she fell asleep!! No joke – she must have been plastered.

    Anyway, i cant wait till he is back in Drogheda, love him.


    She fell asleep!!! I bet he loved that 😆 😆 😆


    we went to see him in TLT last time he was here, he is sooo funny. he got a standing ovation that night. he is a very shrewd comic.

    imagine turning up so late and being drunk – why bother coming at all?? silly…


    Yeah, he got a standing ovation on Saturday night, well everyone apart from sleeping beauty that is..Lol.

    I hope she was mortified!!!


    I went aswell i dont think he is as funny as he used to be, the girl with the harp was crap. he was dead right to tell the woman to shut up, youd think her friends would have woke her up 🙄

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