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    Hi all.
    I was diagnosed with post-natal Depression after my 3rd child who is now 3 1/2. After a Rocky start deciding which Treatment suited me and finally finding a medication that suited me i am now left with a really really hard decision. Both myself and my Husband both want another child soon but have been told i need to ween off the meds i am on. This is going great at the mo thank god but i am worried after reading up online that once i get pregnant that my depression will "flare up" so to speak and i am left with very limited options only wait it out!!!! When i was first diagnosed it was honestly the worst year of my life and i am terrified i might have to go through that again. I am wondering has anyone else ever had to make this decision before and if so how did they get on?

    P.S. There is a med i can take while pregnant but there is nothing to say it would work for me!.
    Thank you T x


    So sorry to hear about all you’ve been through – I think you would need to ask your GP if there is any medication you can take when pregnant.

    For some women, I think medication can be prescribed in severe cases. Your GP would be the person who would know about what is ok to take when pregnant.

    There are things you can do to help try to keep depression at bay – exercising, getting lots of fresh air etc but its good to have your GP on standy to help if you need it.



    Hi Sabbi 🙂

    Thank you for your reply x

    There are meds i can take but as you probably know they all come with risks!
    It is such a hard decision to make as i have always wanted a large familly and it is frustrating that this gets in the way! On the bright side i always know if i go ahead with it and plan my next pregnancy i always know worst case i can go back on my Tablets as soon as i have the new member xx


    Did you suffer with PND after eitherof your other kids?…..if not, maybe on number 3 you were just under extra stress & maybe hopefully you wont suffer PND again if you are lucky enough to go on & have number 4.

    Im sure the doctors would monitor you extra closely & keep an eye on your moods etc….so if they noticed you struggling they could hopefully nip it in the bud quickly & you wont have to suffer the crippling effects of PND again.

    Good luck with it all 😀

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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