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    The dental hospital at St James hospital in Dublin used to do this for kids who get teeth out – they would probably do it for adults too if you explain. I would suggest you ring a local dentist and ask for advice over the phone and they can recommend you on to someone who can help.

    The Dental Clinic in Balbriggan is open on Saturdays, you could ring them in the morning and have a chat about it? They are very helpful, I am terrified of the dentist but I was there today with a dentist called James, and he knows I have a phobia about dentists (we had an awful school dentist who traumatized us as kids) and he is really great with me; very calm and patient.

    I feel silly about it but I am terrified so I can understand how you feel but if you put it off, it will get worse over time. They are at (01)8417344 and hopefully can help you.

    good luck.


    I know I have written about Dentists before and to be honest I never followed up…

    Does any one know of any Dentist in the country that would knock me out fully..not sedation but completely under…

    I need about 5 fillings and prob 4 extractions inculding Wisdom Teeth…

    Have googled but can only come up with options in UK and would like recommendations of Dentists Any where who would do this…I guess heavy sedation plus numbing would be ok too.

    I will contact my dd’s classmates mum soon as she a Dentist she may have ideas..

    My bad teeth have to be affecting my health..


    I worked in an opticians for many years and the same optician who worked in Drogheda could not put drops in children eyes to dilate the pupil, only a doctor could. Yet, when he did a few days work up the north he could. Different rules.

    Think the same applies to dentists. My sister went up the north to get work done she couldnt get done here as she had to have an anaestetic. Far as I know you can only get anaestetic if your in hosptial in the south. Not 100% sure but nearly!


    Why dont you ring the Dental hospital in Dublin or St James….

    I had a general to get my wisdom teeth out, got it done in Dublin in the Northbrook clinic, it was expensive about 2,400 for 3 wisdom teeth to be removed and the consultant was 150 euro per visit, had to 2 visits, one before and one after


    I attend Cormac Reynolds at the back of the shopping centre, have been going to him for about 15 years, about 13 years ago I needed some teeth out and as I was a very nervous patient he arranged that I went up to the Lourdes and was knocked out and he done all the work then. Now I had a medical card at the time…
    He might be worth a call to see if it can be done again.


    I have heard great things about cormac Reynolds…


    He is fantastic, as I am very nervous, he understands this which is a big factor for me..


    thanks for all the replies, I will keep as reference


    Hope you get sorted hmm, its nerve wrecking but once you’ve gone and its all done, you feel so much better about yourself.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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