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    My dd has just started big school and i want to develop a good routine of visiting a dentist twice yearly for our check ups. When we were small and of school going age we were brought to the local community centre where the dentist looked after our teeth. Has this now changed ? Does the HSE in Haymarket look after school childrens teeth or is everything now private and we must go to private dentists ? Anybody any experience of this please ?


    Hi Beams, my ds is in 1st class and this is the first year the dentist is coming to the school to check their teeth. We did have a hearing test done in infants
    I do have ds2 at thedentist, he was given this dentist under the early intervention team, that dentist said most children with a good diet and regular brushing dont need to see a dentist until about 8 years for a general check. I wouldnt be too worried.
    I dont think you would go to the haymarket now, your childs clinic moves with the school they attend, my clinic is now Laytown and not in Ballsgrove as before. You might have to go to Duleek or Navan! Other then that its pay and get teeth checked


    My daughter is same as Taylor, though she was in second class before she got checked by public dentist. There was a backlog last year. Balbriggan dental care check childrens teeth for free with an adults appointment… 😉


    Thanks Ladies 😀 Diet is good and we keep sweets to a minimum – brushing is done regularly so we will wait until school does the check up and then start with the dentist myself and dh goes to. Wasnt too sure how this worked as we were taken to the local community centre which is now the Laurence Centre 😆 Our phn was in Duleek but now with school in Tullyallen we will prob be sent to Navan 🙄


    DD was seen by the school dentist last year. I did start to bring her to my dentist as I was worried about two of her teeth and also I have a fear of the dentist and didn’t want her the same.

    I had to pay €30 to get hers checked, but seen since that they have an offer that if you bring your child (under the age of 12), at the time of your check up, they will do their check up for free. This is with Cormac Reynolds, might be worth checking with your dentist, if its not him!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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