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    Well i have been well and truly ripped off then, i paid dentist in drogheda 240euro for so called deep clean on half of upper gums, she worked on my gums for about 10mins and that was it, i was left in pain for weeks and it tooks about 2 months for my gums to settle down, id never go back there again and have since changed to another dentist who told me i still have gum problems, so i think ill forget about deep cleaning and just get a regular clean every so often,


    Ive been having terrible trouble with my teeth since last pregnancy, anyway dentist suggested i get them deep cleaned, so i booked in for this procedure last saturday but he only did a quater of my mouth & charged me €50, said it would be too much to have it all done at the same time!! I had expected to have had it all done in dusted in one day & certainly didnt expect it to cost me €200 in total. 🙁

    Anyone have this procedure before, how much were you charged? Was it done the same way as mine?


    I go to Balbriggan Dental Clinic, they are very good, think a full clean is 30 euro.


    My dw got that deep clean as well and I think it was about the same (200 over a few sessions!) What I’m cautious about is the way they "sell" the concept. They have these slides ranging from perfect gums to what they describe as so bad that your teeth are going to fall out! They say that you are mid way or 2/3rds along the line and urgently need this treatment! When they said it to me a few years ago, I went to another dentist (that did not appear to be as sales focussed!) and got a second opintion and he said I needed nothing of the kind! It’s the same reason I go to one optician for my eye test and another to buy my glasses, it removes the conflict of interest.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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