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    The new line by ALFAPARF Milano Professional for thin and lifeless hair that gives thickness and revitalises the hair fibre

    ALFAPARF Milano Professional, the pioneering professional haircare brand from ALFAPARF Milano, the Italian House of Beauty, is enriching its award-winning Semi di Lino range with the launch of Semi di Lino Density.

    The new line is designed to restore the natural thickness of hair that has been thinned by stress and hormonal changes, the use of harsh products and frequent hairstyling.

    The Semi di Lino Density range features an innovative technology called Filler Complex, a complex of amino acids and peptides that acts internally and externally on the hair fibre, nourishing and strengthening thin hair that creates a barrier effect to protect the hair and scalp.

    This innovative line can increase hair thickness by 19%* and restore vitality to the hair fibre. The line includes the following original technologies:

    Urban Defence Pro: an anti-pollution shield for total protection.

    Shine Fix Complex: 24 hours of brightening power from the roots to the ends.

    Color Fix Complex: UV filter and antioxidant to prolong the beauty of colour.

    Climate Proof: protective barrier that keeps your hair hydrated as humidity and temperature change.

    The range is vegan and utilises recycled packaging.

    Density Thickening Low Shampoo 250ml RRP €15.75/£14.50

    A gentle thickening shampoo with biodegradable formula** that gently cleanses and gives body for thicker and revitalised hair

    Density Thickening Conditioner 200ml RRP €15.75/£14.50

    Thickening conditioner with biodegradable formula** that detangles and nourishes while replenishing the hair which gains body and softness

    Density Leave-In Cream 125ml RRP €15.90/£14.50

    A thickening cream that gives body and texture to the hair protecting it from heat without weighing it down

    Density Lotion 6 x 13ml RRP €24.50/£21.50

    A professional thickening treatment with a plumping and nourishing action to give body to the hair while protecting it.

    With the launch of the new Semi di Lino Density line, ALFAPARF Milano Professional is also extending its range of in-salon and home maintenance services with four specific treatments to satisfy all the needs of the hair and scalp.

    Intensive Density: treatment to plump even the thinnest hair fibre which regains fitness and vitality.

    Cellular Madre Density: treatment to revitalise the thinned here fibre which regains fitness and softness.

    Instant Density: instant treatment revitalises the thickness to slightly bend hair fibre.

    Density Home Care: home maintenance treatment, with a revitalising and thickening action.

    *Instrumental test conducted on hair treated with Density Thickening Low Shampoo, Density Thickening Conditioner and Density Thickening Cream.

    ** Results of tests carried out according to OECD standards TG301F (international guideline defining a method for the evaluation of biodegradability).

    Available now from salons and beauty e-tailers.

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