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    I need some help with decluttering – don’t have a clue where to start! I am a terrible hoarder – I keep EVERYTHING!!!!! This has started because the room we call the office I want as the new babys room and DH said it can only be if I find a home for all the other bits and pieces that are in it… so far it is proving very difficult!
    Where do I start??? Any advice???


    I have to do the same here, I dont hord and its bad enough….

    You see them on the tv with 3 sections keep, charity, bin…. also if you havent looked or wore something in six months bin it.
    If you have lots of stuff maybe a mini skip will help with the chucking out, my answer is put everything in the attic.
    You could do a carboot sale Laytown or Fairyhouse, you could load off a few bits and make a bit of money


    Make three bags/ boxes to put everything into:

    1) throwing out
    2) keeping
    3) Charity shop

    You have to be rootless, the keeping bag should be the smallest. Don’t keep things that you don’t use. I find that after i de-clutter, i never evn miss the things.

    If there are things that are too good to throw out but you don’t need & are not suitable for the charity shop, then post them on here, i’m sure that soeone will use it.

    You feel so much lighter after it is done.


    pay me €20 an hour and ill do it no bother for ya!!! 😆 😆 😆 😆

    anything you dont want post on jumbletown, i swear people on there will take anything!!!!


    Could be tempted Yummy!! 😆 Jumbletown is a good idea! My problem would be aswell is that the keep back would be the biggest… the other problem I have is that I keep all cards, letters, keepsakes, momentos and it has to stop!!! But how!????


    yvonne im the exact same!!!!!! re letters and cards etc!

    I have a box belonging to j where i keep all his "firsts" and thats where i store his cards, well most of them being from friends so he can look back and ask me who the hell they were hahahaha.

    as for your own, heatons have plastic folder type thing for €6 you know the ato z sectioned off type things (god cant explain it at all) get yourself one of those for your own stuff!

    also if you have any bulky items that u just need to keep, my aunt got j these fab storage boxes in argos, they are on wheels, the lids folds over and they are stackable, the amount of suff that fits into the 3 of them are unreal and you can just shove them in a corner and not have to look at whats in them!


    Cards would be my biggest keepsake – have all my birthday cards, even my confirmation cards!!! Must get a few stackable boxes too and label them, at least then I don’t have to think about parting with them!


    I still keep loads of bits & pieces as think oh that wil be lovely for my grandchildren to se etc etc not as many as i used to though…,

    my dads mum died a few months before my dad died & they were both terrible hoarders (must be where i get it from) we had to get a two skips to clear out stuff,my Dad had emptied my nans house into his garage never threw out a thing when he died we had to empty his house of a mound of clutter & there were so many special things that got thrown away because there was just somuch to sort through…..

    so my tip is to only keep a very small amount of items for sentimental value & then you & any future offspring will appreciate & treasure them so much more….


    my cleaner is great she just throws loads of things in to piles for me to go through if i dont go through them she throws them out 😯


    I need someone to just be ruthless with all the stuff!!

    But when do you stop keeping childrens stuff – I want to keep everything, which is impossible! Its just hard to decide which to keep…

    I have made a start and think it will take alot longer than I thought! Have realised I need to clear a space to put the boxes too! So will start that tonight.. I hope!


    when j started school i kept everything, i mean everything he brought home, and realised it wasnt feasable at all, so now i just keep a few of his workbooks and a copy if he has one as i found a maths copy belonging to me in my mams house from when i was 7 and it was hilarious looking back at it.
    the rest i keep are mainly "firsts" and we are kinda done with them, firt shoes, runners, babygro, footie jersy, cards and i think the last was his tooth, doubt ill need to add to it anytime soon!

    just keep the really sentimantal stuff yvonne, as the kids will grow and if u keep everything you will have no room to keep the kids and stuff they accumulate 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆


    Mmm, sounds hard at the moment.. but you are right… I keep my birthday cards, whats the point!? And I have all her birthday cards, can’t keep going on doing that! Do’t think she will thank me for keeping them either, if she is anything like her father! He gets rid of everything!

    Also, need to clear some of her toys, she has way too many, and of course doesn’t play with half of them…

    Oh and I want all this done before babs arrives!! 😯


    if you do a little every day you will have it done in no time, get rid of the toys when she isnt there as you will find that anything you want to throw out she will make her "new favourite toy" i swear she wont miss them, j hasnt looked for anything i have thrown out at all hahaha.

    yeah i used to keep my cards as well but there really aint no point, ill keep the 18, 21 and hopefull 30th you know the milestone ones but thats it.


    Will really have to stop keeping them, there is truly no point…

    E has too many big toys! And small little things, like Littlest Pet Shop! So once they come out, the place is a mess!

    With being off tomorrow, I’m hoping to get a bit done, also need to clean the car!!!


    Flylady is great. Simple concepts that if you get your head around and apply will absolutely transform your house.

    1. You can do anything for 15 mins.

    Don’t try to do it all at once. Baby steps. Get your timer and set it for 15 mins. Focus on the task at hand and when the timer goes stop. Take a break. If you are up to it after a break come back and do another 15 mins. You will be surprised at how much you get done in that 15 mins.

    2. Housework done imperfectly is better than no housework done at all.

    Don’t try to be perfect – just do it.

    Anyway Flylady says it all much better than me and you can sign up for her free reminders that help you keep on top of your house. I love, love, love Flylady.

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