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    Hi there

    The playroom is like a bomb site, the place is coming down with stuff, and I NEED to clear some stuff before the big day.

    I am such a horder and cannot throw anything out, have any of you any tips…

    Also can anyone let me know what to do with the stuff once i have picked what is going, what sort of stuff can be passed on, who would take it?

    HELP ME!!!

    Thanks :)


    Hey Trix,

    Definately do this job when the kids are not around or you will end up demented!!

    If there is any items not wanted but are still in good nick you could try and sell them on here or give away free to good home, or try the charity shops for books and smaller bits.

    Get a load of storage crates or go down to Ikea for storage ideas ..hangy things for teds etc etc.

    Good luck..I envy you having a room for toys alone ..ours take over the whole house in every, room, nook cranny and press.


    i cant stress enough how much stackable boxes come in handy!!!! jesus id be lost without the 5 I have in J’s room!!!!!

    Bin broken ones and off load other ones on here or on jumbletown or find out where you can send them to help the people who were affected by the floods!


    i went through it but only ended up with one small bag, Scole let her dh rip and do theirs, he was hearthless and fecked loads out 😆 😆 😆 going to use her tip and leave it to dh, at least he will throw the stuff out


    SVP (on Trinity St. and Peter St.) are always crying out for toys etc to be donated and also, Dorgheda womens refuge are happy to get toys for the children who come through their doors.

    Best to do it when kids not around but before you do, ask them to put their favourite toys aside, its awful if you give something away and they go looking for it!


    take the ten percent of the stuff they actually play with and put to 1 side.

    take anothet random ten per cent and put that to another side.

    put the other 80 per cent in bags and take to SVP.

    Xmas round the corner, they will never notice the other lot gone and will have a nice big space to play in!


    Decluttering a playroom – any tips?!?!

    Yep get a load of black bags, fill them with stuff your kids don’t play with and give them away to whatever charity you like.


    i just cant do it like that, Im "oh he likes that or ds2 might like that!" Think its a man thing, if you have a black bag then fill it so think i’ll get dh to do it on Saturday while im off at a party, was doing it one day with ds1 here but as quick as i was chucking stuff he was putting it back


    ok I was ruthless today and got stuck in, I cleared loads of "babyish" boys toys that I know L wont play with, so some went to the bin, some have gone to ds’s creche and I have some that I’ll give to svp.

    I think it must be a man thing to just get the black sack lol, as I himm and haa saying, but no what if ds2 will play with that etc, so I am proud of myself today lol!!


    i normally get hubby to do this job , as i would keep everything 🙂

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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