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    I am on a roll with tradesmen now!

    Having got plumbing disaster so well sorted yesterday, I now wanna fix the other things in my house that don’t work as well as they should (this ought to, but doesn;t include the dh btw!)

    I have a mystery switch in my kitchen that I know not what it works, stupid smoke alarms wired into the house but did not work when set front room on fire, and would like some lighting in my kitchen that does not make me feel like I am sitting in the Main Stand at Anfield on a miserable November night.

    Anyone got ant recommendations for a good, local electrician? My standards are quite high now, given the swift, efficient and fabulous value for money I got from yesterday’s plumber!

    Thanks all!


    Sorry I cant help you but how about ringing the plumber u got and ask him if he has any mates who are electricans??? might be worth a try 🙂


    hia, i feel your pain!! Same situation with me, comes in threes aparantly. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend McCarthney Electrical in Mornington, Goldenpages would have the number. very reasonable and nice. Good luck, hope thats the end of it for you… 😥


    I’d recommend McCartney Electircal aswell..number should be in the Meath Coaster aswell…but if u want I can find out number for you..


    i second mccartney electrical have had work done by them were very nice and reasonable too, had to come back a few times not his fault flaming builders and never charged me only charged me when he had it fixed…..

    041 9833602 vincent or (041)9887865 andy

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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