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    Our fridge 7 years old died last night.
    It followed the death of its long time friend the washing machine who quit us only 5 days ago.
    They’ll be missed (and replaced, partly done).
    Just bad timing not the best time of the year. It never is really.
    And if it was the 2 the same day I could have asked for a reduce price.

    Can I writte to Santa? Will a nice drawing send a new fridge in the morning?



    My neighbour has been unlucky with white good deaths this last few months..

    First her dishwasher washed its last dish, then her washing machine spun her final pair of knickers and then to top it all off a few weeks later her electric oven decided it needed a trip to the recycling centre :lol: :lol:

    She managed to find a few quid for all of the above thankfully.

    Thank god the appliance reaper didn’t come knocking at our door :lol:


    RIP to the members of the family!!!

    Go to who ever you got the washing machine and tell them your in the market for a fridge now…im sure they will look after you


    That happend to me a few years ago my washing machine, dishwasher and telly went all the same time, It always comes in 3


    just wondering can you claim off house insurance….but yeah most come in 3’s pain in the bum….


    You won’t believe me.
    After 18 hours, we moved it. And now it’s working!
    Last night we changed plugs, fuse nothing!
    And magic, at least can’t explain, just when I was about to get one.
    But it could happen again.


    Fabienne i was told to unplug our fridge for 24 hours to let the gas settle, then plug it back in, maybe this is what happened yours… 7 years is young for a fridge


    At least no need to get a new one yet. And maybe it found a second life thaat last longer than it’s previous (I hope).

    The oven is for a while on the funny/strange side, 6 months at least.
    Now if fan only it works (the fan), if oven only it works, but in position fan + oven = doesn’t work.

    I’m thinking about starting a kitchen appliances fund.
    They all are the same make, they’ll go one after the other.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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