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    Over past few months things have been pretty hectic here, with 3 children a baby and working its been full on and to be honest, some days I have felt quite overwhelmed and not sure how to juggle it all.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am very very happy and adore my family but some days, its all been a bit much when things are going haywire.

    Last weekend I went to Italy with my aunt (who is more like my sister) to celebrate her 50th birthday. It has been planned since December and when we originally decided to go after her hubby invited us, I felt good about it but as the time grew nearer I felt really worried about going. My hubby was staying with the kids and I was going with my mum and some of her friends, so I did not need to worry about the kids being looked after but still, the thought of going was very stressful for me.

    Last week, while I was expressing milk for baby, trying to get the house work sorted, working and then packing for myself, I felt like I did not want to go at all. It seemed like too much hassle and honestly, I did not want to leave baby (I think that was main reason tbh)

    I felt upset leaving the house when my mam picked me up but I could not not go, as my aunt is very important to me and I did not want to let her down – it was a surprise for her organised by her hubby and I knew she would be thrilled to have me there.

    Once I saw he shocked face in the airport, all the stress left me and I knew it was good that I had gone.

    Sometimes, we get bogged down being a mammy and its nearly impossible to imagine taking a day or two off but honestly, the break did me the world of good.

    It was good for my children too, they have been so sweet to me since I came back. I am getting loads of hugs and we are doing storytime each night for bed and having lovely chats.

    Its like we all needed a break from each other and it has been a good thing in the end.

    I am glad I did not pull out of going, it was fabulous to have dinner handed to me, to enjoy a few glasses of wine,do some sightseeing and have a few sing songs. I almost forgot how much fun all that could be and I am determined I will not leave it so long before having another break.

    I really think us mammies need to blow off some steam every once in a while. :D


    I totally agree Sabbi! Myself & my DH hardly ever go anywhere (either together or separately) despite having a babysitter on hand with an au pair. But last weekend, my MIl came up to mind our kids while we went to my parents as they were having a night to celebrate their friends 65th birthday & retirement which were all happening together. It was just us, my parents, their friends & my sisters, but it was great to only have to pack one little bag (!); no buggies, toys, nappies etc etc; to be able to enjoy dinner together to have a chat & a few glasses of wine; not to mention a full nights sleep! The next morning we had breakfast, left early & called into Kildare Village for a wander around. By the time we got home, we were gone less than 24 hours but it felt like we had been away for a week. Now that our kids are a teeny bit older & not really babies anymore, we said its definitely something that we will try to do a bit more. 😀

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