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    There is an outbreak of chickenpox at the moment and thought it would be good to start a thread where we can give some tips to the poor parents and their children who are going through it:

    Creams to put on the itchy spots –
    Ovelle calomine lotion &/or Ovelle Calomine cream, these both help calm the itching…
    and Eurax cream helps with itching too

    Cold drinks –
    My kids were off their food and very irritable so I made sure to have plenty of juice, cold water and 7up at hand for them

    Medicine to calm the itch and help them settle –

    I gave them Phenergan (recommended by a mum on here) and it was fantastic. Within a few minutes of having it, they were much more settled and it helped them sleep and nap. I think sleep is the best thing for them so this really did help

    Colouring books/DVD’s/Join the dots –

    While they are getting better you’ll need to keep them home but occupied. Getting a few bits in like this will help keep them entertained. if a relative or friend asks if they can help, get them to bring some DVD’s etc over that you can borrow until the child is back out and about.

    Hope some of that helps, it was out first time getting it last year and all the above tips helped us get through it!


    Def second the phenergan for night time alright

    I believe there is a new cream out called Poxillin (something like that) I’ve heard it’s expensive but worth it.

    My dd had chickenpox 3yrs ago and i didn’t hear about the cream until she was over the worst I used the Calmollie lotion during the day and the Eurax at night. The Eurax can only be applied so many times a day (Think it’s twice but not 100% sure) and i found that dd wasn’t as itchy during the day when she was being kept occupied it was mainly at night the itching drove her (and us) demented.

    My dd2 has been exposed to it (not knowingly) a few times but hasn’t got them as of yet so still ahead of us 🙄


    A lot of parents in the creche I work in have recommended that cream Munchin its called Poxclin and have seen it in a few chemists.

    Bread soda in the bath supposed to help too!

    There is a vaccine for chicken pox, not given as part of a programme in Ireland so you have to pay for it and for its administration. Think my doc charges € 120 total. Am considering getting this for L ❓


    My two are just over the chicken pox. I used calamine lotion and liquid zirtek – all fine – done and dusted – i wouldnt pay for a vaccine its a normal part of child hood !


    Ovelle Calamine Lotion and Calamine Cream are fantastic products for the topic treatment of mild skin irritations and inflammation. It is especially effective on Chickenpox, stings from plants and insect bites, minor burns, minor sunburn, itch relief and to help soothe inflamed skin.

    Calamine lotion and cream is a pale pink lotion which separates on standing and has a faint characteristic odour. The cream is a thicker consistency than the lotion to allow a thicker layer be applied to the skin. Calamine should be applied topically to the affected area with cotton wool and allowed to dry.

    All Ovelle products are manufactured using pharma-grade raw materials and are subjected to rigorous high standards set by the Irish Medicines Board.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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