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    Has anyone ever expierenced this? I was convinced I eleven wks gone today. Had light spotting so panicked and went to my gp, then referred to A&E, told there come back in 2 days for a scan in EPU. Nurse in EPU said everthing looks fine, showed us a heartbeat but said I was only 7weeks. Doctor came to check scans, she all is fine and no re scan needed. What do people make of this?


    Congrats on your pregnancy
    very common, your the second person i have heard this happen to over the past few weeks…. think the spotting could be implant spotting.

    Both my sisters where told their dates were wrong, they had as much as 4 weeks added to their dates, my sisters EDD was 19th of dec, hospital said 21th of Jan, my niece was born on the 16th of Dec and she wasnt early… some on other sister, both their kids had small heads and petite babies

    Dont be stressing, you will get another scan down the line they may changed your dates again
    Good luck xxx


    If you feel worried, ask for a second opinion. If it puts your mind at rest, then its worth asking.

    Hope all goes well for you and congrats!



    many congrats on your pregnancy!!! i agree with sabbi, if your worrying get a second opinion, i assume you will still get another scan at a later date and then as long as the baby is still showing the same dates (ur new due date) then i wouldnt worry… but do insist on another scan, on my second child i went to in smithfield and got extra scans done which gave me huge piece of mind!!


    Just cant seem to understand how there is such a difference in dates. I seen the heartbeat on the scan and doctor said it was very strong, went to gp today and he said that the EPU are specially trained and would tell me there and then if they had concerns as I had already presented at A&E. No spotting all yesterday and just a little today. I really dont know what to think.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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